Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snowshoes and Mountain Biking

Two of the things I enjoy the most is snowing and mountain biking. Yesterday I headed up Buttler Fork for a little time of R&R in the mountains. This area is very popular during the summer for hikers and mountain bikers. I've not mnt biked this trail, may be next summer. I do find the irony in this sign. Three day old powder graced my foot steps, thankful that my steps were shown by someone else.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Utah's winter wonderland is bone chilling as I sit in my single pane'd appartment. The cold doesn't creap in - it walks straight through the doors & windows.

Several years and many yards back I sailed the seas with a brisk crew who strove to see others taught Christ by their lives & deeds. Comming soon I'll rejoin a few of these mighty men in a land much warmer then here. Excuse me while I step into the fridge to warm up. I'm talking with a good friend and her husband these days about joining them for a while at the first of the year to shoot & build. My goal between now and then is to get up to speed and beyond in journalistic skill to assist them with their organization (they have since moved on to work on shore). While there I'd like to push beyond what I do now & to get dirty & to get refocused on where I really really want to go.

A while (years) ago I set out to get my Master's of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS). Yes. I still want to journey that route. I find it difficult though to study when those around me dissagree with the course of higher learning under a teacher for a slip of paper. Ironic though in a book recently cover'd in the third chapter studied one goes into say there are many forms of worship & service (A Purpose Driven Life). Yet the group I run with found so much out of this work they lost sight of some of the details including that of which I journey to.

These three things tie in well together. How? Simple I am a return(and wana be) missionary (Utahans understand what this means) I shoot & I study. All three I belive are God guided & Christ ordained in my life. The hardest thing of these days is when I ask for feed back; I mean speak up for I do not understand your silence. I know silence is what I asked for after my sister passed away & you sat next to me. Now however I cry out, not for your attention but for your guidance. If I am to improve in the skills of a photographer I need not a hand on the back to pat me there. I need your hand to take mine to show me the way. I am blind in this area. A teacher judges the skills of the student by giving assignments & exams, then returns them with appropriate marks either right or wrong. Where applicable the teacher guides with comments on what can be improved upon and what can be left alone.

I do recognize that in my present course of day, religious involvement is scant. Three goals I do look at are: get out of debt, get my MATS, & get back to the field. I join not my work to fit but to meet the meat I need. Let not this stuff interfer please with the help I seek.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Utah is beneficial to those of us who enjoy the out doors, there's lots to do within half an hour or 6 if you want to extend your drive. A cold winter storm droped a knee full of white fluffy powder on SLC last night causing grid lock in the city but HEAVEN in the mountains. Unfortunately for me I didn't get up until 8 & by 9 I was out the door to experience gridlock just getting to the freeway that would take me to the mountains. Knowing my favorite stomping ground of BC would be shut down for avalanche control I routed to Neff's Canyon a little closer and accessed through an upper class neighborhood a short 10minutes away or so I thought 30 minutes later I arrived. & i forgot the camera. I didn't go far just enough to fill my lungs with moisture sucking cold air & enough to get bragging rights at the office that I bounced in fresh powder, now my 'boarder workmate may rub in the fact that she ditched school today to take a run or 3 at Brighton but hey I have litgitimate rights, I didn't ditch school.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

S Curves

S curves are wonderful whether they are being carved into freshly fallen powd'r or zooming around them on a road. Many Utahian's will recognize this 'S' curve for others well it's up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I'm looking down on it (shivering my frozen fingers off) I took the opportunity for a late eveinging hike in fallen snow over boot tramped trails with a curs'd head lamp that' worked about as well as depleating batteries would go in ice forming weather. Coming down near the trail head I saw cars in the night. I scratched my head & decided the cold inconvience would be worth the while if I got one or two decient pixs. It was hit after I remembered even at night if one does not remove the lens cap no image will be taken. Without a tripod eternity is close to 40 seconds even with the camera was on a rock and socks. Of the 15 pix (two were with the lens cap on) I grabed 4 that are okay to show off. Okay so one is cut off - I liked it for someone drove into the parking lot for a moment adding intrest to the scene.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Long Early Winter Hike

Long Early Winter Hike
Originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
I wasn't planing on going this far but I am glad I did. It refreshed my sense of being out where few people dare go. This sign post is between Mill Creek Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon in a rather remote spot. Those who do go there set their mind to it even during the summer. The snow here is several days old and crusty which didn't bother me like it normally does. The crunch refreshed each step to keep going. I saw tracks of deer and squirls, a fox is in the area too. I looked down to the valley remembering life is just this. Packed with moments of pure extacy and a lot of blah. The rugedness of the terain around me catches me by surprise every time I journey this high. The trail I use sweeps around and over a few inches wide at times while the lower end is well marked the top end you need to know where you are going (and not be afraid to look down a steep slope).

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Came up to PC for the moring hoping to catch some morning rays around the Hi Ute Barn off of I-80. Which I did. The colors behind on Eckard Hill are nto popping yet. Also caught some hot air balloon action.
PC Sept 2006
PC Sept '06

Thursday, September 07, 2006

High Meadow Colors

Hey All.
Hiking over the weekend revealed the magical scent in the air known as fall. In the high Wasatch Mountains the fall colors are invading the meadows. It's time to retreat from the summer and into the mountains as the colors begin to fade to reds and yellows. You know where I'll be...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

someone hit my car

one would think that parking is a safe activity. while I was baking chicken, my neighbor knocks on my door saying that my car had been hit by a drive through. what the *&^%$? sure enough I grabed a shirt and the camera, he and I headed out to the parking lot. my mirror dangling by the wires, we began to walk the neighborhood looking for the vehicle. we found it. took damage pixs of the truck he described to me. then I called the cops. the perp I'm told did not have insurance nor wanted to admit to the hit & run. I was told he'd been arrested (big whopie - who's gona pay for my muffed mirror? me no doubt) I'm also trying to get a hold of my apt manager to say what can be done about people cutting through? I've seen more people cut throught then who live in this building. I've also nearly been hit stepping out! to added to my vehicle demise of yeasterday in the morning my car was egged.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

All Church Campout

This is just a clip of the Rock Church campout over July 28's weekend. More images can be found at Rock Pix and at my other website dotphoto .

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Friday, July 21, 2006

loss of a good friend

Nothing floors me more then to hear of the loss of a good friend. this morning while casually checking my e-amil, I recieved a message from the father of my good friend/brother Nathan Buzdor. His life reciently claimed by cancer. Nate and I became friends while we served on the M/V Caribbean Mercy a long number of years ago. He served alongside Mark & Paul in the computer lab. A techie to the core. I know there is the hope of Christ in our lives. It so floors me to hear of a life taken so soon. Please pray for his family and visit their family website, as of this posting there is no mention of his passing only that of his up coming wedding.

Recovery Trials

This is an adumendium to the post of earlier. The assumption I utlized and sold myself on when purchasing an external hard disk is/was this will be a 'live' back up system which I can off load my data while still being able to us it. I operated under this philosophy even until error did it part. Even when I got a DVD burner did I maintain that philosophy. The purpose of the DVD burner was to provide quality images to friends without spanning over multiple CDs. I did burn a few DVDs of important files and settings. I did as well burn a few back up pix disks however not of reciently off loaded data/pixs. The pixs I really want to recover are family images and of the immigration rally of two months ago. Pixs of fall colors and of winter soo activities are not all that important however they are vital to me for the process of developing my style.
What I am doing at this time is trying to find work arounds to regain 'read' access to the HD. If I can read it I can save it to another HD or burn to DVD. How I am doing this is by using Live Linux distro's. From these I've gained some info about the drive that I did not have under windows. I am also reading how others have sought to recover lost or deleted files. This info is invaluable and I will try the recovery programs.

Fast forward to this morning, I did not do anything last night with the drive. Today I bit a bite and bought a 250G HD to mirror if I can. My intention is to load a msos onto it, set the other drive up and run some recovery programs. {7/17/06 - I fore went the msos route} Using a file recovery program from I tested recovery on a 128M flash card. I retrieved 200M of deleted files! That was after I reformated the flash card. Is my math correct? Yes it is. I later tried a SD card. The only way I could get the program to recognize the SD card was through the camera interface. The 1gig card worked. The 2gig card did not. I paged the FAQs, some bios's do not recognize the larger cards.

I am still working on the work arounds. The PC tower I am using will not recognize the 250gig HD via Win98 (se). The linux live distro's will not either. This morning I turned on the faulty drive to my laptop, the recovery program did analize and recognize the logical partions. I also looked at the directories and files. Great relief sweapt my brow. I did start a limited recovery to verify that recovery is possible.
Next time to 'play' a little more with the 250gig before launching my recovery effort. I cycled on and off the 250gig trying to replicate the original error, So far no luck. My next thing to try is to recover the data by read & copy.

Yes, last night I ran a r&c program. This morning I hit random files of the some 50 thousand files it found. Of the images I viewed I saw what I went looking for, however, of doc's I saw very few that were readable while the txt's and html's were pretty much garbage. Therefore the conclusion of this trial and error week light to me: BACK UP ALL IRREPLACEABLE DATA! Some people get hit by viruses, some by trojan's, others by malware, me, I get hit by my own uh stupid mistakes.
If you have any image CD that I have given to you over the last 2 (two) years please give me a copy. My recovery effort I know will not be 100%. The more original image CDs I have the more stable my collection will be.
My next steps this week is to redo that which I did last night with refinement to my search pattern, followed by a sort (manually) of the images into folders on the 250G; do that again using another r&c recovery program; compare both results; finally with my images saved from the bad drive restore the partion table.

Yeah my images are salvagable. I ran one r&c last night saving all the jpg's and other images. Now, with those I have to sort them. The yeah transitions to an ugh with the thought of additional work.
The key to all of this is ensure your back up system is fool proof.
I am confident at this point to say I will survive. I do have a lot of work to do over the next few days before I claim this battle for my data is won.

And every time I say 'I am confident that I will survive' something else crops up. Last night I ran my second r&c program only to have it freeze up on me while I created directories to save my data to this morning. Choices and issuses which do I do; do I re-run that program to night or do I try the partion file replacement option of the first program? This is a trick question, I re-run the program.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Recovery Help Wanted

Hey, this is an urgent plea for help.
Over the weekend my backup system went south.

I've searched the lists of help pages and now it's time for me to scream HELP.
this is what I wrote to one of the help pages...
Yesterday, I turned on my external HD which is a Western Digital 160G in an ADS Tech case. I had it partioned into at least 3 ways. The thing had a way of cycling on and off during its first few minutes of power up while MSXP Autoplay would ask what did I want to do with this kind of multi-media device. Normally I click escape and let well enough alone; this time I clicked on open in folder, do always (for both drives that had stuff on them). I then proceded to copy over the new pixs from the week past. I left the room. When I came back there was a copy message error that I didn't read and clicked okay. I tried to access the drive. I couldn't. I reboted my laptop. Nothing. I cycled on and off the HD. Nothing. I examined the window control pannel info nothing. I could see the drive but not the data nor gain access to it.

I do not want to loose the data on this disk! I have nearly 40 Gigs of pictures I've taken in the last 2 years. Now some of the images are less then good, everything I look at I see as postive learning images. Many of these images I have taken for friends who will occassionally ask for additional copies.

If you want to see the specs of the error please contact me with resources I can use.


opt for alternate back up plans...
like DVDs & CDs

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Irony of Feb 7

My friend picked up pixs from me (i work for UPS). He said he was on his way
to the post office to fedex them to the webmanager who will recieve them by
dhl. Hum? Any more carriers involved?
After havin refilling in a broken tooth I went for a drive. Where? Where
else to McD's in Evenston WY of course. Why there I don't know. I must
remember the junk yard I spoted near Castle Rock -exit 186. Covered with
some snow it looks to have some classic cars. Must remember. Either for an
early morning drive or afternoon shoot.
Had just enough down time between appointments to retroflect on what I want
to do.... travel to China and see that broad country.

Nite Drive Pixs

-put 3 thumbnail of hand held pixs w/links here-
Normally, I hold my camera in my hand, last night I read of a guy who uses a
tripod to snag the shots (ref. Today, I put my tripod in my
passanger seat. Will it work for my morning commute? Will I get some cool
light trails of trucks comming up Parley's? I had to return to the valley
so I gave it a shot. Setting the camera isn't to hard - manual focus,
f/stop, and shutter speed. The wireless remote works well from the shifter.
What do you think of these shots?
-put 3 thumbnails of tripod w/links here-

Nite Drive Pixss 2

Continuing from yesterday, last afternoon -my evening- I set up my tripod in
the car, pre-set my camera with f/4 and 10 second exposure, and redied my
stuff. This morning I engaged the wireless remote and headed to work. This
should liven up the morning commute. A quick review on the lcd, before going
onto shift, showed a few keepers.
-insert 3 150pixel thumbs-
Comments? Tips/hints? Do overs?
Tomorrow I see a few more semi's - typical Friday morning. I might not be as
fortunate as to have someone to follow down the drive.

Random thoughts of April 1st

I want to say random thoughts, heck that's always a good way to phrase I've
been thinking about alot and not wanting to face the facts. In some ways
this is good yet, experience teaches me the exact opposite. Knowing this
last night I made up my mind to get out of the library once the coffee
perked. A Guinis, a flirt, a thought or two, I think I just plain slept on
my feet while Croswhite croned in the back ground (Steele isn't a croner nor
in the back ground, a talented performer he chose not fame but the Christ).
I had to get up to think, to pray.
Several steel eyes sat at the bar only the bar tenders speaking to them.
Several drivers and package handlers hung in the fore ground of my thoughts,
their words almost haunting, both reveal life unfullfilled. At times like
this I see a mirror of my life. I see unfullfillment of my own life. Sure
I don't know their journeys nor their whole story of the moment. Behind
Steele, a stephen ashbrook poster hung, another high school friend, where am
I now I thought.
'I can get into other people's faces' I said to one of the pastors on
Wednesday, 'but I can't get into my own. Some times I wish the mirror would
scream at me.' TV is escapism for me. I'll get lost on-line for hours after
work as most are heading to their jobs. My comon defintion for 'crazzy' is
someone asking the same question while expecting different results. The
other definition is one who talks alot without showing proof of effort or
support of those words. The mirror screams again. I meet both of those
Several weaks ago I hurt my back at work. I got ugly in the face of the
supervisor filling out the paper work. UPS is a union shop so some (job)
protection is in place already. I'm in this super's face already pushing
for improvements to be made in my (former) work area. I am on the 'safety
committee.' Five months later still nothing is happening, what's baloney is
he once was the super in this area. Doesn't he care? Now, after some
healing time I've been transfered to another area. I am no longer loading
UPS delievery trucks. I'm routing which means I'm placing packages into
cages that go past the vehicles. I'll express the negative of this and
follow up with the positive. In short I could be called 'one of Tyler's
(who tyler is is not of consequence now) bitches'. Because I know how to do
most of the center's labor intensive tasks he can put me anywhere he needs
help at - say when someone calls in sick. The positive is I am a 'floater'
I can work anywhere thus giving me a variety, breaking up the monotomy of
SSDD which others phrase as daily FUBAR. One may say the influx of the
package flow through out the shift is baloney. I laugh, once upon a time
I'd cuse the 'belts' for not keeping up now I'm on the receving end. As I
floated at the end of the shift yesterday I asked one of my fellow former
un-loaders, now a pre-load super, if sup'in is worth it. His reply went a
long the lines of 'if you don't want to touch another package again it's
great.' The implications do have neg's and positives. My observed is union
due'rs aren't really going anywhere while supers, many whom are students,
have a goal or two in mind and are working towards it.
This brings me back to screaming mirrors. What do my goals look like? Uh,
what are my goals? How is what I'm doing today helping me achieve them or am
I driving with sticky brakes? Are sticky brakes a problem, a cause, a sign
of something deeper, or a symptom? In a lot of ways when my brakes smoked
coming down I-80 two weeks ago I had to check them out which revealed a
major problem developing which I can solve now with an in-expensive repair.
How now, when an where do I go? My church calls this revealation and change
of direction towards Christ 'flipping.' I don't want to flip, I just want to
go straight, get back on the path I started eons ago, and get there. My map
(goals) is crumpled in my ruck<sack> (life). I think I can get there and
add a little definition to what I think my destination should look like.
What should my first step look like?

Being Union

Being a Union member is great for I have job protection from minor mess ups.
Yet, I find that I get away from one of my foundational values. One of my
values is serving others. Being Union elevates the worker to and almost
above the supervisors. Our 'rights' are protected, which some take to
include clocking in on time without being ready to work on time. Granted
some 'stuff' is valid while other 'bunk' some grants are made. Our jobs are
dependant on ultimately serving the customer regardless of how removed from
them we are. Super's are in place to help us facilitate that service.
Being Union therefore should facilitate managment by quality personel

up on the jacks & dead

Half asleep in front of the TV yet, following the plot line, I was; when my
Dad walked in announcing the death of my car. His announcement inviting me
to get a full-time job. Knowing the argument I held back simultaniously
trying to follow the show. UPS does feel like a fool-time job. Today, beaten
by shift end, combined with early to non-existant evenings, the plumeting
intensified. The announcement of my car's demise on the lift punctuates the
on going screaming mirror theme. I can understand different messages from
the pulpit, from books, even my own strength/weakness there of. This,
however, hits the span of everything. I use my car as my force of economics
(getting to work), spiritual enlightenment (getting to church), and social
interaction (going to friend's flats). What is not effected?
My D200 fund instantly flipped into the four new wheels campaign. Now would
be a good time to set up my ideal ride however, I also include what I'll
settle for. My ideal would be the new Toyota Tundra TRO mid-size pickup,
deep gray, 15 inch rims, fully loaded, and a fishing rod rack in the back
window to show my red-neck side. I'll settle for any small to mid-size
pickup with 100,000 miles which still looks presentable. My browed wheels
will become a Ford f-150 -aka a tank- once my Mom returns from her trip.
My car, I'll say with its 131,000 miles, treated me well. My late Big-Sis
bought it with 50k. I got it from her with 70k. Yeah, 60k more would be nice
but, a new trany is $2,200; a used one is $400, then the install. The
vehicel is ladden with sentamental value, runs well, and is faded. Driven to
and from East Texas three times with skirmishes to St. Pet FL and to SD CA,
I've got some serious distance in the saddle. Thank God the AC never failed
and the gas tank didn't dry up. Traveling the lonely West Texas stretch of
I-10 in 2004, I counted the miles coinciding to a fateful October day in
'90. Damn! I looked to the sky praising God! I only totaled my chevett and
not my life. Yeah, I bought a section of guard rail. Since that day, I
seldom drive more then ten hours or when I'm fatigued.
My car does have other sentamental value, as for now I'll let my memories
rest. I must get busy finding alternate wheels and employment.

immigration rally

^I don't care if they come here, just don't make it legal for them to stay
here. And I've already told them (those who work here) so.^ a bk employee
expressed while he took my order. I'm 'union' I care about keeping American
jobs in American hands. Like Christians are responsible to pray so
Americians are responsible to become political active. Freelancers keep the
establishment in check. I'm calling on everyone - get off your ass and do
something. Trained on ship board fire fighting the last thing one wants to
do is show up empty handed. Today I represent myself and you for you haven't
shown up (my assumption is you didn't know about today). This entry will be
long. It will be pro-American - tighten imigration regulations. I will try
to present both sides of this arguement in positive light dispite my
'tainted' bias. PS I'm the son of a (Canadian) immigrant/US natralized
citizen. He paid a price for his citizenship, those gathering outside
escaped Mexico.

On the NE corner of Washington Square (Salt Lake City/County Building) the
Utah Minutemen began pulling their ranks together at 9am. The Immigrant
group would arrive later on the NW side. Both groups have permits to
assemble. Both groups expressed to yesterday's news the desire to keep
things civil while expressing their opinion. Time to split bk to see if this
is holding true. 10:11.

Civil? That may be questionable. 17:25 Thats the time right now I should be
in bed getting ready for work. I hadn't intended to stay for long just long
enough for some pixs. The draw of the assembly drew me in.

Seeing helmits turn in the confined spaces; adraline surged - yes conflict,
yes picts of fists, no but close. A few Latinos paused long enough to
warrent police interaction. Someone said 'we need some more neutrals over
here.' Thrusting my way through walls of chanting Latinos, camera firing, I
staged myself along a human chain between marchers, riot police, and the
Utah Minutemen. Keep moving, vamanous, smile and wave, we can do it; are
phrases I do not want to hear for time and a half. Some Latinos wanted to
give a piece of fist to the red faced Americans, most kept shuffling a long.
The Utah Minutemen were not an issue, they stayed back on an established
line. The Latinos were, personally, the trouble. Still, I wanted some
action, rather then see clashes between the groups, I'd prefer a fist my

Has it been 10 days since I last wrote on this issue? Yes, emphatically, yes
it has. The local dailies printed various articles covering the march.
Saddly the Tribune printed some other city's rally on Monday's front page.
What is not your own city valuable enough to warrent the lead image?
Apparently not, and to their shame. State street with God only knows how
many people a mile long is truely impressive. And might I add a rush to be a
part of. The numbers reported on Monday were 20,000 by Friday the number

At work almost everyone I talked with held the tighten the immigration
opinion slash enforce the laws already established. I'm with them however,
my cut to them, 'is where the *@@@ were you?' One guy replied,'Out skiing, I
have my priorities.' In that case, I thought, may no one stand by you.

I still stand by my original preface, keep American jobs in American hands.
Next to say, Your Daddy is a criminal, he knowingly broke our laws therefore
he needs to pay the said penalty. Should there be leeway to feed his hungry
family? No, the US foreign aid, trade agreements, and internation relief
agencies already provide for this. What to do? I say put up a fuss. Millions
of Illegals with some ligitement residents put up quite a show. The rest
honestly didn't need to be included in the ranks.

I guess my real bitch here isn't about the rally. It's about the complacency
of Americans. The rally kicked ass. I experienced more excitement there then
I've in a long time. Either that or I lead a boring life; please don't
comment on that statement.

the hidden life of ryck

It's not exactly hidden, the last time I wrote using my PDA I came close to
driving a hammer through it. Imagine writing the graffiti only not to
interpt what is written, easily solved by shaking the broken pieces out of
it. As with most of my stuff my PDA is valued by use not by value of cash.
Today, I settled a debt. My car's transmission went funky, needing to be
replaced, I took the shop keeper's cash. Value by kelly's blue book for a 95
prism: $0.00. The shop keeper is a proff of automechanics at SLCC. He'll
rebuild -aka have a student rebuild- the tranny then let his 'daughter' have
the car. Mechanically, to me, the car is in good shape. All the maintance
records were kept, including gas logs; I did get tired of logging oil use.
What's that use? Simple history of known problems or visual to predict
I wish I could make use of my nerves. On Friday, I'll toss my last package.
Yeah!!! Uh, wait. My last package? I'll be un-employed as my UPS id card is
turned in. Yes, this is sending me to sleepless nights. I see 7, 8, and 9 on
my early wake me up machine. This is not my schedule. It's the unknown and
bad experience of temp work that causes wide eyes at night.
The job I am taking is flip flopping my comfort zone. Not to many people can
be comfortable with waking at 2am, I am knowing the work is solid and the
pay is good. Comfortable, too, with knowing I can do physical labor.
Learning the UPS system is easy. The hardest thing about my job was not
letting myself get in the supervisor's face. Union protection is great. No,
I actually seldom get into anyone's face. I hold to my saying, 'I am the
stick in the mud; you will become stuck trying to move me.'


Focus - I need to focus. It's a mater of task at this point. I just laid
down my signature on a $big loan - a car loan. I've looked since my prism
died near two months ago. The decision is not easy. Ed & Cg helped along
with the focus on my goals. My life style also plays a part as I want to
transport self, toys, and others around while not sacrificing economy. While
I did not get a truck or a wagon, I did get something that will get me
around for more then a couple of years. So I did bite it with the off the
lot deprecation. Considering the price for used with 30,000 miles is $11G
I'll take the immediate loss knowing all of my family's vehicles have
successfully navigated 100& more miles. I do need to focus for it's not
sticker shock that's got me, nor the fact that this vehicle is still ford's
for the next few years, for me it's the unsteady feeling of the what if's
that hold me in the state of stress.
The state that I weighed myself to includes economy, fuel consumption, toy
totin', practical expandablity, and coolness. Okay what does that mean? Uh,
I'd like to be able to live economically, enjoy the activities I partake in,
and be attractive to the girls while not atttractive to thieves. I just
added that one after talking to my neighbor who had his car
(proffessionally) hotwired. It's weird.
The vehicle chosen is the Ford Focus. Why? The initial stigma of the Focus
is cheap, poor quality, and problematic. I'll agree. The early Focus' were.
Since the early teething problems the Focus has risen in the ranks of
quality, durablity, and reliablity. Depends on who is reporting will say
other wise.

test gallery

top left
Micheal cutting hair

top right
Just Do It Gallery

Transport Plane

Bottom Left
Hill Air Force Base Museum
test bottom right

With second thoughts on yesterday's post I've been playing with tables and the like trying to finnd something that will work with the idea of posting a simple gallery on my blog. Yesterday was not a failure, it is a learning experience. This is a sample gallery of test images. You are more then welcomed to copy the code for yourself.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

shoot out at the wedding

Had another shoot out with Micah.

wedding pixs

Last weekend I shot at a friends wedding these are a sample of the images I took. I've posted the wedding images from MR&MRS S's wedding.
Ryno's Wedding

It was good to be there seeing these two dedicated friends dedicate themselves to each other for a life time.
These are unedited & uncroped.
PLEASE i PLEAD comment on these I do want to print the best for them. Comment even if you do not know them.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

new technology

Photog's, pro & amatuers, snap happy, and P&S enthusiasts: did you see the new technology article where researchers have found a way to spoil our fun? In the name of 'national security' and 'copy right protection' they found a way to temporarily disable ccd's and cmos sensors using low visable white lazer light. There are draw backs to the technology first it is in effective against slr (film & digital) second it still requires human intervention in the form of computer analyists to double check the data. What it is good for is to spoil video recording devices and the P&S/evf digital cameras.
I want to draw your attention to this early therefor you will be aware just in case you come across a situation where your digital images are all 'blown out.' I think if I suspect a venu will be using this technology when it comes available I'll start packing a film body with my kit.
While I'm on the technology kick are you aware of the big guns decision not to produce any more film bodies or p&s'rs? A couple of the leading film manufacturers are also ceasing production on there well known products.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

something just isn't right

something about this technology just doesn't sound right. how many times is the Golden Gate Bridge photographed by photography students or the local down town area? What stadium is going to let the geewize shooters with the 5mp point&shoot not take a picture that won't be worth while while those who make their living have to revert to (gulp) film so that they will know for sure if an image is or isn't at the same venu. some how blocking or jaming technologies just get in the way of the joe like you and me. of the millions of pictures available of our local municipalities who is going to take a fresh set for planing purposes?
If you want a good example of jaming technologies gone bad pull up cellphone jamers. these devices are illegal to use for it may prevent vital communication. yet they are used by some organizations. jaming radio signals in the archaic days of radio evangelism is another technology gone a foul... I've read of reports where the listeners wrote to the broadcasters saying keep the music playing while the teaching is going on for the jaming doesn't happen while music is playing.

this technology irxs me for I love to shoot & I love to play with my photgraphy. If I'm going to be limited then I better get a fair hearing after I get the shot not be lynched before I can even take one.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

micah is free

micah is free
Originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
Yes, folks this is Micah of "Micah's Liver update Spot" Micah he was able to get out and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with friends and music at the recient Worship '06 event in Sandy UT. You've got to read his blog to understand why I think this is an entry for him.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tour de Cure

I rode shot gun with the Utah Miata Club yesterday for the National Diabetes Foundation's Tour de Cure. This is a national bike riding event. The riders choose to ride either a 100 mile (Century) course or a 60 mile course. The century went out to the Golden Spike National Mounument from Bringham City UT. This was my first event. I grabed my camera and a bicycle repair kit. Both were used well by the day's end. A few people stoped a side with flats the trickist being a side wall wear out. A little MacGyver in me enabled this rider to complete the next 60 miles without incident.
Posted below is a flickr badge linking to some 105 images I've chosen from yesterday's event.

Tour de Curepreyingjaws' Tour de Cure photoset

Friday, May 05, 2006

1st day on the phones

My transition from bcd hours to normalicy is moving along pretty good. I'm spending some brain cells on-line researching my new job's website. It's cool. I've helped many out already set up new accounts. Other's have helped me see where I lack, so on-line this morning I am. This new job is out of my comfort zone but is well worth while so far, more hours less back aches, no one yelling at me, etc. My first day on the phones were, well frustrating, at one point I wanted to beat my head against the desk; over whelmed I was.

Just a simple note.

*BCD => Butt Crack of Dawn, at sometime or another we've all worked these hours

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Hiking

anyone in the greater SLCUT area on Blogger?
anyone passing through SLCUT?

I've started this spring something new for myself. Each sunday morning I've gone for either a walk around my neighborhood or a hike up a canyon. With SLCUT having 7 to choose I;m puzzeled about which hike I want to do next.
This morning sporting my new Shoes (snowshoes) I beat my way up to the Cardiff Mine (Mill D South in Big Cottonwood). It rained on my party of one as I approached the mine. I pushed on and up into the bowl fearing avalanch. I took the risk and the view of a big ass snow field paid sunburn to my eyes while it continued to rain.

The point of this message is: I;m looking for someone to hike with. Grab the cameras, head up early, plan a different hike each week varying in skill levels and repeating the hikes as the seasons change.

Anyone one game???


Saturday, April 29, 2006


To conclude my work at UPS I decided to go for a good hike.

Previously this year I attempted to hike up to Lake Blanch in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Uh, snowshoes would have been better that day. I only made it a mile before pulling out the camera and pyning my way through ankle deep powder.
The Lake Blanch trail turned out perfect for my requirements. A lofty lung & leg burning goal. I met a race horse along the way - galloping in my chest. I did not think I was this out of shape. With a 2,500 foot elevation climb in 2-3 miles half of it on icey snow I wish I would have grabbed my snowshoes out of the UPS delivery truck in the morning - I tracked them on line knowing when they'd be deliverd. I also use to work in that particular UPS pre-load area. I almost turned back multiple times, what drove me on was the want of just seeing what the area looked like under a blanket of snow. Punching the crust of icey snow made the going difficult. On top though the view of the high end of the canyon made the trek worth while. The trek down went slick-a-dy-do through soft snow of the early afternoon. I met several others stomping their way up.

This hike exceded my expatations for the time being. Later this spring I'll redo the hike in want of seeing the changes. I forget how beautiful this area of the country is. I also forget how close it is to my door.


Monday, April 10, 2006


Yesterday, freelancing, I put in a little time with the Imigrant Rally/March in SLC. I've got one phrase.


Yeah, what ever, I thought initially. I played between gathering groups (the opposition & the Latinos). Where the two groups met on Capital Hill, the potiential for trouble stirred. Adrenalin rushed as I participated as a 'neutral' between so that the 'helmits' (cops in riot gear) wouldn't need to intervien. Damn I wanted a little scrappin' photo op. The local news is saying conservatively 25,000 people.

I've got some pixs to page through.

Thursday, April 06, 2006 don't walk under powerlines during ice storms

I decided to head out for a walk this after noon to enjoy the falling snow. Yes, a winter wonderland it is all around, for spring that is; which is not appropriate. Besides wishing I'd put on hip waders to negotiate the torrents know as gutters & intersections, I wish I'd an umbrella to protect myself from falling debre precasously balancing on conduits of power. Burr. I also must remember not to tug on freshly budded tress covered in snow.

Complacent Atitude

Precariously balancing my laptop between knees and palms, I sit stairing at blank screens [of blogs] watching snow gather outside. My tea grows cold setting next to FF Bruce's The Hard Sayings of Jesus Christ. On my mind of late are thoughts without resoucres piling up waiting to explode under triffling circumstances. Blogs of this mater should already be posted yet, in my complacency they are not. The US Coast Guard adversitment echoes "I am the line in the sand; I am the defender of the homeland." My sentament these days for an odd reason is "I am the stick in the mud; I will make you become stuck with me." Complacency, that's it. I know what I want to do. I know how to do it. I've read a stack of motivational books. I even subscribe to bguides. Go a head and pray for me, I am. Actually that is the one thing that this bout of complacency is making me do. As a result my attidude is changing. Actions do speek louder then words. Bruce notes that it is not the letter of the 'law' that makes the sayings of Christ hard; it's the attitudes by which they challenge that does. When atitudes change so do the actions, just compare these two stories the first about the debtor who is forgiven much yet forces another to pay him back and the second the harlot who washes Jesus' feet with her hair.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Last night to you - morining for me - I experienced an unusual dream. Rather confusing actually but, with elements of astounding clarity. I copy this writing from notes I jotted before going to work.

Weird sense in a dream, a friend is struggling after an organ transplant [an e-mail yesterday said he was in trouble & his body is rejecting the new organ - PS the Dr's don't want him to know]. In this dream were many confusing elements and yet, one part is crystal clear, me giving im a hug saying "Get well soon buddy." I had a true sense of his presnece at that moment (1:30 am). My alarm kicks in at 1:40 am. I'm not sure if it was good bye or a cry for prayer for him. Like I said there were many confusing elements.

I pleaded for his life on the basis of friendship and what he brings to the table (of friendship). I know he'd be better off on the otherside [he has deep Christian beliefs] yet, I know here he'd enrich our lives. I miss my Big Sis daily for I can no longer share with her at the table of relationships [she got a rare cancer 5 years ago & passed away mere days later], therefore I pleaded all the more for my friend's life to be spared. (2:45 am)

This friend is a fine photographer of people. He sports a fuji EVF. His deep convictions have helped others straighten up just by living straight. I'm trying to get him to post some of his work on dA and other sites. I think others would be encouraged by his work. I'm calling a mutual friend shortly to find out if there is any change in his condition from yesterday.


HABITS: it's a UPS thing that is applicable in a lot of areas. In this post I'll become sourcastic so if you're offended then stop reading or if you're an employer checking up on me - this is at times how I think - or if you are UPS then this is my spin on HABITS.

Every company seems to have its own culture and its own training program. UPS is no different. UPS takes pride in delivering your packages. UPS's only product is delivering your package whether it's next door (yes I've seen neighbors post packages to the place just down from them) or across the globe. UPS is your premier parcel delivery service. I am glad to be working for this outstanding company. Part of the reason why I like working for UPS is the opportunity for on going training and advancement within the organization. Granted the new hire turn over is close to 20% yet the retention of those who stay longer then a year is near 95%. I looked at builten board as I walked out yesterday so I know these numbers are true. Everyone who becomes employed by UPS goes through 'cornerstone training' this is a foundational week long training that lays the foundation of the UPS operations. The on going training is more of a review and maintance of that training while advancement or transfers will include new materials as needed.

  • Health: "know your body" be your best [eat healthy at home 'cus the vending machines are fast fixes of high frutose sugar]
  • Athletic: "be your best" be at your best performance [ablity just do your job save your strength for other things - prior to this my saying is athleticism ain't just for jocks -but that's being prejudice so I won't mean it]
  • Body: "Body mechanics, using ergonomic principels" know how your body works and use the Power Zone [don't mess up your body here, it ain't worth it so, use it wisely & it will last a life time]
  • Inspect:"be aware of your immediate surroundings" know what you're getting into [make sure there are witnesses incase of incident {there were no witnesses when I fouled up my back}]
  • Tools: "Use as intended" make sure you have what you need to do the job effectively [include a time piece just incase of incident -also helps to know how much longer before break]
  • Safety: "and compliance: Comply with UPS and Gov' regulations" work with care & diligence [get help even if, we've got to look out for each other for ultimately managment is most intrested in the bottom line not in your bottom]

This is a fast catch on a broad subject. I write it here for I know that as a life style artistry is more then putting out good work with a spin on it. Artistry is a lifestyle that punctuates living dangerously at time - according to those who arn't artsy. Some of us do have lives outside of work or are working at other places or working on a cool hobby that is tentativily 'dangerous'.
By the way I've been told that safety is ultimately my responsiblity - "Hell no!" I replied in a hurry, "tell that to the fucker who hit me who thought it best to talk on his cell phone rather then to pay attention to where he was going." Ultimately our safety is in the hands of others, therefore safety is team work - that's the point of HABITS - safety.


Keep Your Mouth Shut

It's simple. Everywhere I go I have the opportunity to present myself. Sometimes I say appropriate things while other times I say in-appropriate things. I hope I don't say anything in-appropriate during these next few posts. One of the things I want to do is to get away from giving out information.

Anyone who's been [through driver's ed] and in an auto accident will know this - Keep Your Mouth Shut - even if you know for certian that you're at fault. By KYMS you do not admit guilt rather you may veer guilt away from yourself nor do you imply guilt thus you may save yourself grief, cash, & other [I'm not inciting that you lie or try to get out of it or other implied actions].

The same thing applies to any accident. Last week I strained my back at work. I'll admit it was early, I thought I was ready for the day yet when I lifted an over 70lb'er my back gave way - amnitomical failure. Ouch! In the processing of the incident report I addmitted I know I have back problems [side note: don't work manual labor with known back problems] I'm screwed now. Simple as that, I addmitted to having prior back problems & I'm paying for it. This morning when I reported to work I was sent home for the company's insurance people said -he can't work until he gets a full release for duty- simple well not quite so.

The fact is by keeping my mouth shut I might be working today instead of griping about it. I might also be able to tote around my full camera kit to hit some of the awsome snow highlights of this morning. Yes, it's mid March & it is a full winter [with warning] snow storm in the SLC area.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow-ing Spring Time

Spring right? My calander says March 13. Isn't this spring, right?
In some cases yes, not this past week while I watched 4 inches pile upon my car outside. (side note: I moved to the valley a couple of weeks ago) Imaging the snow in the mountains.
I spent the weekend also relaxing the back. Today, I had phyical therapy - the physio said I pulled one of the stabalizer muscels in my lower back. Stetching and exercizes are his perscription.
I checked the weight of my camera bag on a bathroom scale - an est. 12 lbs - wow its' within the other dr's order of not lifing 15lbs. I took it to church & shot the baptisims for the month. My church does not use a heated pool - shocking isn't it. I'll post those images elsewhere. I doubt for dA they are appropriate for this art site.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

age related

Several people can't figure out how old I am, some days niether can I. This weak I feel really old so when a friend e-mailed me this link age quiz... I followed it & felt better.

You Are 23 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Walking outside last night, I pasted a vehicle that'd been parked for several hours. Getting into my own, I noticed a guy sitting in that vehicle. I got really nervous as I drove off. "What if's" ran rampant through my head for the next couple of hours. When I returned he wasn't there. I paid close attention to my appartment locks - no scratches - hew! flipping on the lights, everything was there.
As I headed back out the same vehicle pulled in and a young lady whom I recognized as a neighbor stepped out. My cause for alarm nullified itself.
Yet the question remains - what if someone is watching the appartments to get to know our schedules to - you know knockoff an easy grab.
The thing I'm most nervous about is someone snaking my laptop & other hardware. I've had irreplaceable stuff stolen before - going through my library a Dr. Zuess book is missing "Oh the Places You'll Go" my (late) Big-Sis gave it to me eons ago as I was in missions. Little did she know of the places I'd go... that book however may be lurking in another trunk not at this location.
The point of the matter is... yeah I'm nervous - I haven't off site backed up for a while. This is not an invitation for hackers to hack me - that's just as illegal as outright theft of physical property.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


I've moved into the library - my new appartment. after having friends haul all my books (24 cases), I've decided to go the oppisite way for the day. Instead of looking at my books I'm looking at some of my old gear. Gear that's been handed down via storage shed to storage shed.
Surfing for estimated values this morning - the last snow resting on the ground - I see that my typewriter is worth more then my camera. Aughast!
I have an old Underwood #5 in excellent condition (1900-1920's). It has minor box rubbings from all the boxes it's been in in the past. I also have an old mamiya C33 TLR (late 1960's). The TLR is in near perfect condition - dirty because I've used it as a mantle display.
One of the guys who helped me is getting married soon. I think I'll push a couple of rolls of film through the Mami and see if the baffles are still light tight, then use it for portraits on his big day.
I could use a few tips on using the TLR.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

blog blog blog

Blogs, seems like every where I turn there is another set of 'friends' wanting me to check out the latest and greatest blog. I think I've grouped booked marked all of mine. Let's see blogspot, MySpace, Xanga, Yahoo 360, and uh I know there is one more out there. Wait, it's not really a blog more of an on-line journal that accompanies deviantArt. I want to let everyone know there is more to life then reading blogs or writing them to be posted on to the different sites. If anyone knows of software that will let me write one idea and post to many sites please for the sake of my sanity please let me know. By the way I use Mozilla 1.7


Sunday, February 26, 2006


    eye for perspective to see
    eye for an ear to hear
    a heart for God to do with what you got

Moving this week, I purposely set ob jects of question out at my new place. When the guys who'd help me we had sometime to wait. These guys would help me move the bulk of my books & furnature. I've already moved the "stuff." Indeed questions were asked. (Hey, it's a first, others who've visited haven't asked or questioned anything.) One picked up an old journal - a journal of sketches of travels past, "you have a lot of hidden talent."

Long ago before I picked up my camera as I do today, I picked up a sketch book. A sketch book given by my grandfather's sister. She had a sketch book with an image I took of an obscure scuplture in a far away land. Her sketch, my photo, jolted me into sketching. Quick, simple, capturing the essence of the moment. Several of you became recpients of this work years later with my personalized postcards. Today I use the camera to get the moment.

Long before my BS in Speech Communication came to be, I worked for ACMNP . I spoke about the wonders of GOD with the visitors of the park I worked in. The study that went into it, the practice, the blunders all of it I remember. Fear of Public Speaking is rated as stronger then the fear of death. However for me walking in front of a group is the dreaded fear which breaks me into a cold sweat. Yet to speak in front of that same group I am at home with.

Langauge, I can't learn it from a book. Yet in a country given a couple of weeks I'll have learned enough to get around.

Talents, what is in my tool bag? My tool bucket/bag (I have both) what tools aren't? The hammers are beat to death, while the fine finishing saw is not used so often but is well cared for and sharp.

God/Jesus (Matthew 25:14-30) says what talents have you used that I gave you? What talents have I used? I could list those I've used this week easily, while I'd be a while to list those I haven't. My sketches are a reflection of a talent I've used regularly in concept but, not exact per se. I use visulization and placement concept of sketching daily.

I could go on how Christ also says those who have will be given more. I could go on how Christ also says those who don't use will loose. I therefore propose that one talent used will grow into other talents.

Sunday, January 29, 2006



Spoken or unspoken are everywhere. Every aspect of my life has 'em.
a good definition of 'rules' I learned [not in the exact wording] is 4 parted

  • recognizable
  • expressable
  • challenagble
  • consequential

Draining on the evening [at church] I knew the road home would be bad, yet I'd committed to someone that I'd take her home. The problem is she lives 10 miles the exact oppisite of where I do, so I'd drive an extra 20 miles before beginning my 25 mile trek home. Glancing outside, a spit of snow hitting the valley, I could see it socked in up the canyon leading to PC. I began to ask around, 'can you take so&so home?' no came around so many times I felt more trapped then those spun out on I-80. One reply came across as an insult, "You shouldn't take her home anyways, it's a bad idea - you know." Ah **** I hit the RUCKING NO DATING RULE of this church. A rule which can be expressed this way

  1. no one on one until acknowledged by leadership
  2. see #1
  3. you may challenge #1
  4. others will say things to you or behind you back

I let it alone. I just didn't want to take her home. I saw no reason to challenge this unspoken leader in the church. 1) she isn't on staff 2) she may be very active & have much referent power given by others - only because she's around & 3) I've been head to head with her on other issues, it ain't worth my breath [so I'll vent on-line]. I have ZERO interest in the one I would take home. She wouldn't have asked for the ride unless we were friends anyways. I know to much about her past to want to bring that into a relationship. I found her. I asked for her to find another route home. I grabed another cup of coffee. I'd need it on the way up.

I have my own rules.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stepping Out

Stepping out into the dark cold of the early morning bound for shift work, I pull down my hoodie, steel toe boots scrape along. I feel and look like I should be a rapper in the hood. Instead I try not to slip on the iced parking lot of my low rent condo in Park City. I prefer country over rock, rock over rap, rap over hip-hop, while blues and jazz rule the heap of my musical preferences. Today, however, like everyday, my ears will be filled with machinery running, buzzers, and rock blairing from a co-worker's radio. I don't mind it. The music cuts the noise while passing time faster. I make a living with day labor. My dream job (today) would be as a photog on a mission - much like what Scott Harrison does with Mercy Ships. That would be my dream again. Today, however, I pull off my steel toes for the day, lay the hoodie over a chair, and look at what I can do to promote the little photog I do.