Saturday, March 04, 2006


I've moved into the library - my new appartment. after having friends haul all my books (24 cases), I've decided to go the oppisite way for the day. Instead of looking at my books I'm looking at some of my old gear. Gear that's been handed down via storage shed to storage shed.
Surfing for estimated values this morning - the last snow resting on the ground - I see that my typewriter is worth more then my camera. Aughast!
I have an old Underwood #5 in excellent condition (1900-1920's). It has minor box rubbings from all the boxes it's been in in the past. I also have an old mamiya C33 TLR (late 1960's). The TLR is in near perfect condition - dirty because I've used it as a mantle display.
One of the guys who helped me is getting married soon. I think I'll push a couple of rolls of film through the Mami and see if the baffles are still light tight, then use it for portraits on his big day.
I could use a few tips on using the TLR.

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