Friday, January 18, 2008

Dis'in the Flag

Check it out. Why do you want a presidential candidate who does not respect our flag? Veterians why do you want a guy in office with NO US Military experience?
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Barack Obama does not place his hand over his heart when the U.S. national anthem is played?
No reverence to the country or the Flag that represents it.

The USA strength is based on the integration of the parts like alloys in the metals/plastics we used daily. When one part does not integrate it is known as a bad batch or an impurity. It is either thrown out or the impurity is skimmed off and destroyed.

Non-US Citizens should also be concerned about this Presidential Election. Write you US-Citizen friends and tell them to vote against Obama.


Yes, Politics again.

I just received my flyer from the County Clerk telling me Tuesday is coming.
Super Tuesday that is. It is the biggest date in which the majority of the primary elections for the Presidential Office take place.

For those of you who are not Politically active I know you are for you do pay your TAXES. Paying or Not Paying your taxes is a political decision. I urge you therefor to get registered to vote & then join me and thousands of others (I'd like to say Millions) in voting on Feb 5.

For Utahan's see County Clerk


Monday, January 07, 2008


Lazy Lazy Lazy
Lazy days are something I've grown a custom to over the years. At first lazy days were my way of retreating for a day of rest where I'd just hide from work. This was especially true when I worked on the M/V Caribbean Mercy as a cook. I knew then if I didn't hide I'd get roped into working either a little or a lot. These days I use the excuse of 'well it is my day off.' Truly I've noticed I keep one day reserved for doing nothing, nothing at all.

Well I recognized last night, as I turned off the TV, I'd watched 24 hours of TV in 29 hours. Huh why? I don't know. I was lazy. I was undisciplined. I resolved as I turned in for bed that I'd get up and go for a walk along the Jordan River Parkway.

During my walk, Hebrews 12:11 kept coming to mind "Now no chastening for the present semeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercise hereby." KJV (Sorry I don't have my NIV at reach). I like the wording of the old school version too. Many Proverbs both from the Bible and other cultures raked my mind.

I drew the conclusion I need to rethink my day off. I drew the conclusion that my day off cannot be a lazy day where I do nothing. I don't call watching endless hours of TV doing something.

I developed my own definition of discipline. Disciple is: uniform corrective action. Self-disciple therefore is: personal regular uniformed corrective action. How then do I go about achieving this? One write it down (check - this is my record). Two tell someone about what I want to do (check - this is my record). Three set out to do it (check - at least for one day, today).

So what are my goals to over come lazy days and laziness in general. Some people already know I want to hike 300 miles this year. I've broken 300 miles down into 8 mile hikes for 32 weeks. Essentially this is just to get out and do it. Is 300 miles possible? Yes, very much so. In '91 I worked in Yellowstone NP I casually hiked over that number because I got out and did it. I will say I walked many of the same paths over and over again. I enjoyed them every time for I saw the changing of the light, the changing of the season, & changing of the people.

For today I'll take a new transition from an old lesson. At college my Mentor took what I did on a regular basis and asked me to do them with accountability. On Monday's he'd ask me what the sermon on Sunday was about and what I got from it. On Thursday's he'd ask me what I thought about from my walk after Bible Study on Wednesday. And so he then once I grew accustom to the accountability he asked me to modify the behavior slightly. This behavior modification then would include walking with a purpose to think about my meditation time and other simple things. My mentor wasn't out to change my life he wanted to emphasize what I did right. As in my definition uniform corrective action, I can also add positive reinforcement of desired behavior.

So what can I do these days. One I like to work out before work on days I work a late schedule. Two I can put a timer into the power outlet that will turn the TV off after a certain amount of time. Three work into my daily schedule time to read & time to chat with friends. And finally four to achieve the fitness goal of hiking the three hundred miles to get up on my day off and just do it even if it is walking a trail like the Salt Lake Over Look (2 miles one way from Mill Creek) on the Desolation Trail. Then my day off will begin to transition from lazy to at least a little active with an activity I enjoy doing.

These simple things will help me transition from lazy days to restful days.