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  •  Hiking and Backpacking within their various forms can be dangerous.
  •  Please develop a skill set to meet your needs 
  •  It is essential you know your limits & turn back when appropriate to you
  •  I am not responsible for your safety
  •  Ultimately, You are responsible for You

Sub Warning

  • Hiking is highly addictive
  • Hiking is good for you
  • Better for others since it's good for you
    • However since you may start talking endlessly about hiking, you may become annoying therefore putting yourself in danger of those you are around who aren't turned on to hiking

These are some of the resources I've found for the Appalachian Trail and expanding to other long distance hiking trails.  These include trail agencies, journal sites, and gear resources.  There's a lot of mixed content that I am compiling and will try to keep organized.  I in no way am compensated nor endorsed by the manufactures or companies that are listed here.

Tahoe Rim Trail Overview

AT Overview

General Weblog Pages

  • ALDHA - West - this is an organization to promote communication and fellowship of long distance hikers
  • Trail Journals - this is one of the original weblog sites for AT Thru-hikers and has expanded to other long distance hiking trails.
  • Post Holer - this site focuses on the Pacific Crest Trail and does have weblog resources for the AT-hiker and a dozen other trails.
  • AT Trials - yes that's right Trials - the AT is an adventure but, it will try one to many ways.  This website has some of the many folks out here on the trail.  There is a book of the same name, by the same author.  It is worth the read for anyone who is interested in long distance hiking, not just the AT.  He receiently added, PCT Trials, to help others conqure the PCT

Day Dream Hikes

In one of my rooms I have a wall of maps.  One of them is a world map which I look at, dreaming of traveling the world or looking up places my friends and organizations I follow are at.  Three of the maps are of hikes with active plans in progress, 1 map is decorated with photos from the AT.  Plans are dreams in taking physical form.

The Tahoe Rim Trail

      This is one of the shortest of the long distant thru-hikes at 175 odd miles around the Tahoe Lake Basin
      June 2016, this is no longer a 'Day Dream Hike'. Tread is hitting the trail.

The Ozark Highlands Trail

      I just came across this trail.  Looking through the photos this looks to be an incredible Fall Color hike.  At 231 ish miles it connects AR and MO.  This hike could possibly be done in 12 days averaging 20 miles per day.  I may need to look at this a bit more and add it to a list.

The Colorado Trail

      This is Colorado's premire hiking trail runing North East from Durango to Denver.  Around 486 miles in length most thru-hikers hike it in about 5 to 6 weeks to finish

The Pacific Northwest Trail

      This trail runs across the northern USA from Glacier NP to the Olympic Peninsula.  At 1200 miles, the blogs I've crossed, say that many finish in 8 to 10 weeks.  It connects the CDT to the PCT

The Pacific Crest Trail

      Featured in the book/movie WILD by Cheryl Strayed, the PCT is far more than a movie or a story, it is for many a journey of discovery and or accomplishment.  At 2650 miles it roams through deserts, high mountains, and lush forest.  Where stretches of 5 to 7 days between resupply are common.

The Continental Divide Trail

      The CDT also known as the Back Bone of the USA trail is the longest of the Triple Crown hikes at 3100 odd miles, depending on route taken.  In the intro to CDT HANDBOOK by Jackie 'Yogi' McDonnell, she states this trial is more of a corridor than a trail.

The Great Western Trail

     The GWT is not technically a hiking trail as it is a multi-use trail allowing OHV, Mountain Bikes, and other transportation methods.  This trail is hard to follow as there is no one dedicated website.  It traverses 5 Western States, tying in dozens of national forests with 1400 miles of route through Utah alone.  I put this in here as the GWT also encompasses the Wasatch Crest Trail in my backyard.

Web Sites of Interest

Trail Source
     Downloadable maps
     Printable AT maps
Hiker Trash
     Hike Planning
Bear Creek Survey
    Maps and trail guides
Ultra-light Backpacking
    Blog with loads of gear reviews
Hammock Forums
    The go to place for any discussion on hammocking
Hammock Under Ground
    A blog full of hammock resources
The Ultimate Hang
    A blog based on a the writer's popular book for hammocker's



     I have the Crown 60, it's a fantastic pack that held up for the AT and keeps providing use

     I do not have a pack from them however, they also make shelters
     I picked up the Soloolex tent with .75oz cuben fiber materail.  It weighs a paltry 17.5oz, providing 360 degree coverage
    I have an older Mariposa pack.  It does not carry more than 30lbs hence, why I did not use it for the AT though I did see several hikers using it

    I've got to support a Utah business here, too.  I saw a lot of the ULA Circiuts on the AT
    One thing I really like about these packs is the dual adjustable hip belt that can be adjusted to your hips


    Danger Bird – diagonal lay style which, for me, is more comfortable than a straight lay
    Mine is 10 ft ridgeline, double layer with 1.0 materials, aprox 1 ½ lb using whoopie slings
    There is a hammock calculator for estimates on weight with the variety of options.

Clark Jungle Hammocks
    Many options avail, my choice is the NX-150 for winter and the Tropical Ultra
    The listed weight is with tarp, tree straps, and hammock
    Made in SLC Utah.

     11ft long ridgeline, double layer and aprox 2 ½ lb


I've mentioned one or two items under other headings

Six Moon Designs
     I have the Gatewood Cape which I've used as a poncho and a night shelter
     I like it at 11oz makes a great carry any where item
     I also have the Lunar Solo which I found to be nice.  Mine actually needs a taller pole and a second one for the vestibule
    This tent is 24oz and makes nice for a light weight kit that is affordable
    I started out with the Lunar Solo on the AT however condensation issues made me rethink this item

Mountain Laurel Designs
   Those I know who have shelters from MLD enjoys them

Tarp Tent
   I knew a few folks on the AT who enjoyed the Tarp Tents and they come highly recommended
   They are made in the USA, use Sil Nylon for light weight and durability


Check with your local Forest Service for stove use as for several areas now have permanent bands on open flames and at least one state requires a quick course to obtain an open flame permit
  California Fire Permit - I'd recommend viewing this even if you are not planning on a hike in the West

Solo Stove
    A stick stove at aprox 14 oz with stove and 1 ltr pot
    It's a bit bulky so I relegated mine to the shelter in place kit

Caldera Cone
    A light weight stove/windscreen combo with  multi fuel options
    I started with the Cone on the AT and due to bulk, I sent it home only to get a differnt style else where

Flat Cat Gear
    Another alcohol stove/wind screen manufacturer with a variety of stove set ups
    I picked up the Snow Leopard wind screen and promptly lost the pot support wires, I found a peice of coat hanger to substitute - Thru-hikers are resourceful
    This particular screen fits around the pot and fits inside the pot for storage

Snow Peak
    I picked up the LiteMax for the ease of use and minimal weight of less than 2oz
    It fits in my Trek 700mL pot/mug with a canister and striker

BRS - no website avail
    This is the ultimate in light canister stoves at 1 oz
     I almost don't trust it beyond the immediate vicinity for the lack of a name in the backpacking community and the build quality is low


     One of my co-workers tossed me a set of Sprongs to demo.  These are light weight, durable, and don't heat up when left in the pot
     Emberlit also has a variety of stick stoves and flint strikers

Dutch Ware
     This is thee place for hammock hardware accessories

Sawyer Filters
      I used the Sawyer Mini as an inline filter from both a bottle and from my Platypus softside for the AT
      I prefer the original Sawyer filter for its ability to handle volume
      It uses standard threads to go onto soda bottles making it great for stash and go purposes
      Warning: do not let this filter freeze. Freezing will ruin its ability to filter

Sleeping Bags/Quilts

Please see info listed under Hammocks, these are a few other places I've found

Hammock Gear
     Hammock Gear is one of many small businesses that make high quality gear with attention to detail.
     I have from HG:
        Tarp - 10 point - aka hammock tarp with doors - aprox 8oz, I did not need to worry about wet gear after a storm when I closed the ends.  I've also set it up on the ground with full protection from the elements
         Under Quilt - Phoenix 20 degree - 16oz and a luxury for sleeping in cool climates
         Top Quilt - Burrow 20 degree - aprox 18oz in a hammock or on the ground, this is a great piece of versatile gear
Enlightened Equipment makes some awesome down quilts


Random Stuff

I'm cleaning out some notes and came across some items of interest

Grade of Inclines

      1,000ft rise per 1,000ft distance = 100% grade
      500ft rise per 1,000ft distance = 50% grade
      250ft rise per 1,000ft distance = 25% grade
      125ft rise per 1,000ft distance = 12.5% grade
      100ft rise per 1,000ft distance = 10% grade


 Long Distance Hikers love food, we run on food fumes, sniffing out a BBQ a hundred miles a way and can trace the scent of bacon even further...

Backpacking Chef I got caught up in reading his website for the deliciousness

Harmony House Foods includes dehydrated meals and individual ingredients

PrepareWise Yes, this is a preper store yet, buying in bulk can be huge savings if you don't dehydrate your own meals

Hike Finders

This list could be so much longer than I'll place
Outdoor Project a project, growing, with more and more trails focusing in the Western USA
All Trails an App Based site that enables tracking and trail finding


Trail Savy blog
Back Country Banter is a blog I came across when looking for CDT hiker videos.  He's section hiking the CDT and has a series of hiker videos/blogs
LytW8 as you read this title, the title says a lot, the focus is on light weight backpacking.  He lists a lot of skills, tips and tricks, etc

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