Monday, September 28, 2009

Mnt Raymond

Mnt Raymond UT
Yes, you may see a few images of Mnt Raymond in my files. It's an awesome place many can see it, few actually go there. It's a 2 hour one way hike in just to the Baker Pass between Gobler's Knob to the east and Mnt Raymond to the west along the spine of Big Cottonwood & Millcreek Canyons. The place I took this image is just near the trail that leads to the pass.

I could not take in all the color. I imaged the following days would have more color and I was right. The following day I drove to Guardsman's Pass above Brighton Ski Resort. The tiny parking lot there was packed & several cars parked on the edge of a parking nightmare. The view of mountain colors from there - absolutely worth while. I parked - I was one of those edger's.

Jogging down a ski lift access road I came to the place that let me frame up another picture of Mnt Raymond. The colors of the upper Mill A Basin boomed all yellow. I doubt a touch of green resided any where except for the pines. I also grabbed a few images of the aspens around me, all bursting with color.

On the horizon this week is our first snow storm. I doubt I'll get back to Mill A Basin before the colors collapse. I will however try to double my efforts to get to Sundial Peak to see if I can recreate a very popular picture. If I can't I'll just enjoy the 12 mile hike knowing it'll be 6 months before I venture that high up into that particular basin. The trail to Sundial Peak crosses several active avalanche paths.

I'll make my first winter safety plug here. Get Educated! Be Aware of your surroundings! If in doubt don't go! The website Avalanche(dot)org is the best resource for winter travel in the back country.

As this hiking season transitions into winter wonderland; play, stay safe, get out, and take your cameras (or sketch pad).

Thanks to all who've fav'd both the mnt Raymond Sept 2009 & Sundial Peak pictures. You're letting me know what you want to see.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Utah State Fair

FairsWheelGOtToGoRound, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

Utahan's the State Fair is in full swing. I can't say full glory for the Rodeo is over but we'll get the rodeos back next spring. So I say don't miss the fun, the excitement, all the over priced fried foods your mother won't let you eat and head on out to the Fair Grounds.

Swing on by my flickr site I just posted a few rodeo pictures. Yes, they are a bit grainy and out of focus but hey they work. I so desire a faster lens for the Nikon. The lens I want though is about half of what I owe on my car presently If I can drop the hint.

Utahstatefair(dot)com for more info on the fair.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's gona be close...

It's gona be close..., originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

The Deseret Classic, held this past weekend at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns UT, brought in new fastest ice times & speed skaters from around the globe. Though not a sanctioned event this event still qualifies the skaters in the bid for their national team's Olympic Team. The races were as fast & furious as the sanctioned events I've attended.

Alerted by an email from one the the US Speed Skaters I know, let me know they were in town. Having the day off, I took charge & went out there. I cranked up the ISO concentrated on getting clean sharp images, I fore went the stylistic panning shots I am known for with other racing images.

For more information about the US National Speed Skating Team please visit their website at USSpeedSkating(dot)org (

You can see more of my images at flickr(dot)com/preyingjaws