Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snowshoes and Mountain Biking

Two of the things I enjoy the most is snowing and mountain biking. Yesterday I headed up Buttler Fork for a little time of R&R in the mountains. This area is very popular during the summer for hikers and mountain bikers. I've not mnt biked this trail, may be next summer. I do find the irony in this sign. Three day old powder graced my foot steps, thankful that my steps were shown by someone else.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Utah's winter wonderland is bone chilling as I sit in my single pane'd appartment. The cold doesn't creap in - it walks straight through the doors & windows.

Several years and many yards back I sailed the seas with a brisk crew who strove to see others taught Christ by their lives & deeds. Comming soon I'll rejoin a few of these mighty men in a land much warmer then here. Excuse me while I step into the fridge to warm up. I'm talking with a good friend and her husband these days about joining them for a while at the first of the year to shoot & build. My goal between now and then is to get up to speed and beyond in journalistic skill to assist them with their organization (they have since moved on to work on shore). While there I'd like to push beyond what I do now & to get dirty & to get refocused on where I really really want to go.

A while (years) ago I set out to get my Master's of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS). Yes. I still want to journey that route. I find it difficult though to study when those around me dissagree with the course of higher learning under a teacher for a slip of paper. Ironic though in a book recently cover'd in the third chapter studied one goes into say there are many forms of worship & service (A Purpose Driven Life). Yet the group I run with found so much out of this work they lost sight of some of the details including that of which I journey to.

These three things tie in well together. How? Simple I am a return(and wana be) missionary (Utahans understand what this means) I shoot & I study. All three I belive are God guided & Christ ordained in my life. The hardest thing of these days is when I ask for feed back; I mean speak up for I do not understand your silence. I know silence is what I asked for after my sister passed away & you sat next to me. Now however I cry out, not for your attention but for your guidance. If I am to improve in the skills of a photographer I need not a hand on the back to pat me there. I need your hand to take mine to show me the way. I am blind in this area. A teacher judges the skills of the student by giving assignments & exams, then returns them with appropriate marks either right or wrong. Where applicable the teacher guides with comments on what can be improved upon and what can be left alone.

I do recognize that in my present course of day, religious involvement is scant. Three goals I do look at are: get out of debt, get my MATS, & get back to the field. I join not my work to fit but to meet the meat I need. Let not this stuff interfer please with the help I seek.