Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kidney Lake, High Uinta's

The yearly metor showers gave me the perfect excuse to get away for the night.  Quite honestly, in content with sleeping right through the night. 

With the itch to get out, I needed a place to go.  Some how I got thinking about one of the hikes I took several years back out of Moon Lake, Duchesne UT.  Kidney Lake is about 9 miles in with around two thousand elevation gain.  Not bad for the Uinta's, actually very gentle.  This would be great.  If I did wake up in the night the lake is huge for the area and I'd have a big sky to look up at.

I picked through my gear.  I chose the Gatewood Cape by Six Moon Designs for the shelter/rain gear.  A new rain jacket to cover my light puffy of AT fame.  I chose an older canister stove and a titanium tea pot.  The crown 60 by Granite Gear came off the wall.  Loaded with my basics, 10 lbs.  My AT family's probably shaking their heads.  Wait theres more,  my toys include a decent camera, a book, and my 2 meter ham radio.  Now add 5lbs.  My food is 2 1/2 lbs and water brings my total to 20 lbs.  20 lbs is half the weight of my AT average.

I did get up early Saturday morning fpr the 3 hour drive to the trailhead.  On the trail by 9:30 I did a quick radio check.  No luck on the repeaters.  I did get the weather, 30% chance of rain this afternoon & night.

I made good time to the lake, arriving about 1:30.  Maybe I could'be slept in.  I've been reading and doing a little writing.  The afternoon showers dis not come and the sky is clearing.

I am pitched on the southern edge of a small clearing 50 yards from the northeastern beach.  Cattle will keep me company.  I haven't seen or heard anyone else.  3 or 4 groups passed by me headed back to civilization.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to hike in this day with a light load.  Dinner time...  Oh, this is instant spuds with tuna and some tea.