Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Today we celebrate the remembrance of our veterans.

I'd like to honor my dad, Capt. Ken Jaworski.  He served in the Cold War as a pilot flying the F-111.  His story is not one of tragedy or misfortune.  When presented with a choice in the late 60's and impending draft to Vietnam he chose to forgo his citizenship to another nation (Canada) and join the service of his choosing - the US Air Force- as an officer.  He chose to honor and serve his adopted homeland rather then take a gamble and put his young bride and child (my sister) at risk of loosing their loved one (himself).  His choice to serve took his young family (and eventually me) to states like Texas and Idaho and to an overseas location - England.

Dad, thank you.

The F-111 was a feared terrain hugging mock 2.5 nuclear ready fighter-bomber. It was more apt as a light weight bomber then fighter.
F-111 on wiki