Thursday, June 22, 2006

shoot out at the wedding

Had another shoot out with Micah.

wedding pixs

Last weekend I shot at a friends wedding these are a sample of the images I took. I've posted the wedding images from MR&MRS S's wedding.
Ryno's Wedding

It was good to be there seeing these two dedicated friends dedicate themselves to each other for a life time.
These are unedited & uncroped.
PLEASE i PLEAD comment on these I do want to print the best for them. Comment even if you do not know them.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

new technology

Photog's, pro & amatuers, snap happy, and P&S enthusiasts: did you see the new technology article where researchers have found a way to spoil our fun? In the name of 'national security' and 'copy right protection' they found a way to temporarily disable ccd's and cmos sensors using low visable white lazer light. There are draw backs to the technology first it is in effective against slr (film & digital) second it still requires human intervention in the form of computer analyists to double check the data. What it is good for is to spoil video recording devices and the P&S/evf digital cameras.
I want to draw your attention to this early therefor you will be aware just in case you come across a situation where your digital images are all 'blown out.' I think if I suspect a venu will be using this technology when it comes available I'll start packing a film body with my kit.
While I'm on the technology kick are you aware of the big guns decision not to produce any more film bodies or p&s'rs? A couple of the leading film manufacturers are also ceasing production on there well known products.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

something just isn't right

something about this technology just doesn't sound right. how many times is the Golden Gate Bridge photographed by photography students or the local down town area? What stadium is going to let the geewize shooters with the 5mp point&shoot not take a picture that won't be worth while while those who make their living have to revert to (gulp) film so that they will know for sure if an image is or isn't at the same venu. some how blocking or jaming technologies just get in the way of the joe like you and me. of the millions of pictures available of our local municipalities who is going to take a fresh set for planing purposes?
If you want a good example of jaming technologies gone bad pull up cellphone jamers. these devices are illegal to use for it may prevent vital communication. yet they are used by some organizations. jaming radio signals in the archaic days of radio evangelism is another technology gone a foul... I've read of reports where the listeners wrote to the broadcasters saying keep the music playing while the teaching is going on for the jaming doesn't happen while music is playing.

this technology irxs me for I love to shoot & I love to play with my photgraphy. If I'm going to be limited then I better get a fair hearing after I get the shot not be lynched before I can even take one.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

micah is free

micah is free
Originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
Yes, folks this is Micah of "Micah's Liver update Spot" Micah he was able to get out and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with friends and music at the recient Worship '06 event in Sandy UT. You've got to read his blog to understand why I think this is an entry for him.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tour de Cure

I rode shot gun with the Utah Miata Club yesterday for the National Diabetes Foundation's Tour de Cure. This is a national bike riding event. The riders choose to ride either a 100 mile (Century) course or a 60 mile course. The century went out to the Golden Spike National Mounument from Bringham City UT. This was my first event. I grabed my camera and a bicycle repair kit. Both were used well by the day's end. A few people stoped a side with flats the trickist being a side wall wear out. A little MacGyver in me enabled this rider to complete the next 60 miles without incident.
Posted below is a flickr badge linking to some 105 images I've chosen from yesterday's event.

Tour de Curepreyingjaws' Tour de Cure photoset