Monday, April 30, 2007

Tour de Cure

American Diabetes Foundation will host it's annual Tour de Cure in various regions around the country this summer. Last summer my dad and I volunteered for the event with the Miata Club of Utah; half of the Miata Club rode the other half provided on the road support. Road Support is fun because I got to see the riders in various stages of excitement and exhaustion. In various places the Club would stand/park near various road hazards like Rail Road Crossings (one in experience rider lost it on a crossing & needed medical attention); sometimes provided directions at odd turns; provide a quick tire repair (I did a MacGyver on a sidewall repair near Golden Spike, which lasted the next 60 miles for the rider); and unfortunately provide road side medical support until EMTs can arrive in the case of one rider who took an unusually hard spill.
I also took pictures. Often over my shoulder as we drove past. Other Club members shot as well. The official images are here.

This event is for the support of finding a cure for Diabetes. Diabetes has inflicted its pain into my family both my Grandfather died from complications resulting from the disease and Aunt is dealing with it now. I also have friends who have it. I encourage you to look into your local ride or into supporting the American Diabetes Association.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The toxic blare of sirens pierced the silent night above the lazy evening traffic. Gently I sat of all places here at my computer enjoying the night of surfing & pondering going to bed. The sirens continued. Damn there close, to close. I went to the window only to see a column of gray gas rising above the tree line thick, unwavering against the shadow of the night scape. Bubble gum wrapper lights danced between the trees and buildings I could see. The neighbor above stepped out onto her tiny deck talking on her cell saying I see flames looks like a house on the other side of the 'Street.' Do I grab my jacket & dodge traffic with my camera or do I just set here, I pondered. At last watching from my window the gray turned to white the sirens died down I stooped praying the family that just lost everything.
This morning an annoying fly drove me from my coffee. What the hell is this buzz going on. I did grab my shoes and headed out the door. A news 'choper flew circles around last nights fire scene. Damn buzzards, doesn't this family have enough hardship now without you pointing it out to everyone who watches your show, I cursed under my breath.