Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salt Flats

It doesn't take much to twist my arm to head out to an exotic Utah location to do a little photography.  My friends, Tiffany and Monica, asked me to join 'em with Preston (another awesome photographer) to come out to the Salt Flats near Wendover UT.

The salt was a little muddy but workable to walk on.  We did have to wash off our feet upon returning to Preston's car. The Salt Flats should be dry by Speed Week in mid-August, until then please don't drive out on the salt.  When we got there someone was getting towed out of a a hole.

One of the magically things about this location is being able to see the curvature of the horizon without leaving the ground or climbing up a mountain.  I played a little with this with some tilts and angles.

Hope you enjoy the show.