Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bowman Fork Avalanche

The thunderous roar of a jet sounded in the distance, a pause and continued then eerily silent . An unknown direction played even more so upon the falling snow. It caught my undivided attention. The sound reverberated across the trees I stood under.

I readjusted my bindings again. Kicked down once or twice to ensure the tails were secure. Behind me my prints being covered. The tracks in front of me were quickly disappearing under the maze of falling snow. My attention crept into excitement. AVALANCHE!!!

I looked up into the sky. I couldn't. Snow fell into my eyes. I looked around again. I know this path. I know this track. Summer, winter, night. Now, storm. Visibility, less then a foot ball field wide. May be these tracks aren't yesterdays.

I punched my jacket, shaking the snow off my beanie. My camel pack line began to freeze. I pushed out into the storm again from the safety of the fir.

Marching into the bend. I could see the other side of the side canyon I was in. I could see my turn around point ahead. Just beyond the grove of aspens I saw the slide. Fresh, fresh like the snow I kicked down the slope I traversed. Except this zone is of no mans land of scoured hillside and up churned brush floating frozen in peril. A riptide caught locked in time.

I hollered out. I cried out another greeting. Three times I yelled. Three times I waited. I encroached slowly. Always cautious of the slope I was on. Wooded no long meant holding.

In the ravine a head 5 yards wide by hundreds of yards long, the slide I heard. I honestly dared not approach fearing I'd set a slide off where I stood. This slope isn't the most stable either. I grabbed a few clicks with film. The visibility improved slightly. Where I stood 3 feet above the ground - the trees told me so.

The tracks I noticed went up. Up. I know that up. It goes to a knoll may be a quarter mile away. Tracks? Now covered with snow. I ponder and still ponder were these from last night or were they fresh. Did this person go around on the trail on up to the summit or kick left & go to the knoll.

I would not venture further. I'll let my conscious play on. The safety of one. The safety of ME. The zone into the slide, steep, barren, near empty. The zone of thunder a few hundred yards away. The zone between me an there a gap in eternity. It can stay that way 'til summer or until I venture out this way again.

I sucked on my camel pack - nothing. I felt the crunch of ice in the bite valve. I remembered the pack temp minus eight Celsius aka minus butt crack cold. No wonder I didn't have any clear juice. I kicked steeped around. I retraced my approach for the pictures.

I felt the snow upon my face. My tracks covered already. Will my conscious play? The tracks of skis go up not across. They go up, I repeated. No one goes across during winter alone. Alone that is me.

I continued on. Around the bend, the down hill began. I paused to shake of the tails. The clouds began to break. The snow now just coming off the trees. I was alone. I alone witness this avalanche. Wow.

What can I say? This I can say, had I not paused under a big tree to ponder the storm, to ponder the trek a head, to put on the tails. I can say - this journal would not be written.

No, it would be.

My turn around in winter for Bowman Fork is just before the slide zone. I see the evidence there all the time of a path of scour and rage, of mountain & vegetation fighting gravity & snow. I know better. Better to call short then to not call in.

What I heard didn't sound like a freight train like many say an avalanche sound like. It's more like a big turbine. This local slides & slides often though not often reported. If you hike Bowman Fork be careful as you approach the upper sections. You know the area. You've seen the debris in the summer. Cut high to the knoll or traverse one at a time.


If you are reading & wondering what I mean by tails on the snowshoes. MSR brand of snowshoes are designed to accommodate extensions known as tails. These tails come in 4,6, & 8 inches. They attach to the back of the snowshoe to provided additional float in deep snow. Float is the ability to stay on top of the snow.

Photos to be added later

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Time in the City

K10D_9022_122008_rdc, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

It's Christmas time in the city. The lights are all strung out. Neighborhoods share their cheer. Neighbors don't know who their neighbors are. Everyone seems to be going some place & yet no one is going any where.

After shooting this scene from a great vantage point that's easy to get to, I drove through this neighborhood. I like this shot better. It captures the feeling of disjunction in which see in the American way of life these days.

Once upon a time 'I love lucy' & 'Leave it to beaver' were the norms where it was 'a wonderful life.' Today, 'I m home alone.'

Saturday, December 06, 2008

RednGreen with a Pipin Santa

RednGreen with a Pipin Santa, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

A few Holiday Tips

(I'm also posting this here in case he doesn't email me for the image)

1) Charge your batteries & clean your lens.
Long exposures show dirt.
Batteries fade in the cold.
Carry the extra set inside your front trouser pocket to keep them warm.
2) Get a pocket full of $1's & $5'rs - tip the street's well.
No less then a buck if you stand around for a few.
No less then a 5'r if you take a few pixs.
I'm guilty. I didn't know I was heading downtown until the last minute. I didn't have green backs with me.
3) Use your tripod.
There is no excuse for a blurry picture if you leave your's in the car or at home...
4) Know thy camera settings with out looking for them.
Use the short timer setting to clear camera shake of the shutter before the exposure begins.
Use rear curtain flash. That's why you see sparkles in this guy's pocket. He step'd into the frame during the exposure just before my flash fired. The picture works.
Use aperture priority settings for the dSLR or nite if you have a P&S
5) Limit your gear.
No one likes a gear head when everyone's out enjoying the evening. This is true if you're solo or with a group, esp'ly if you're with a group.
I had all my gear in my pockets. What didn't fit was in the sack which I used to haul to & from location.
6) Practice hospitality
aka Be Nice.
Don't be a space hog, step out of the way and don't extend you're tripod legs out to their max triangular distances.
Finally, offer to take someone else's picture for them. A family man was out trying to get a picture of his family in front of the temple. I shot Pentax. His camera is Pentax. I lent him my flash for his family pix. In the chimp, the temple was perfectly exposed & so is his family.

More images coming.
More images being posted at


Friday, December 05, 2008

Lone Peak UT

Lone Peak UT, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

Please surf over to flickr to read the description on this image.

Years ago a Scouting buddy & I headed towards Lone Peak. We never made it. Heck, we didn't even find the right trail. After an hour or so of punching brush we turned around & came back.

It's been 20 years. The trail head changed. It's now marked. The trail is marked too!

A new friend called me up & said I want to do this hike. I replied let's. So we did. We made it to the base of the summit trail, well almost before we turned back. The last hour or so for us on the trail were in the dark.

It's the most brutal hike I've done in the Wasatch. It's the hike with the greatest rewards. If you want to venture into mountaineering & want to test yourself first. Hit Lone Peak UT.

Now that I've tasted the trail & I've seen it. I'm goin' back in the spring when the trial is open & the wild flowers are in bloom. I've got summit lust for this peak & it's mine, all mine. But I'll wait until spring to get there.

The Moon & Moroni

K10D_8862_crop_122008_rdc, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

I was out & about yesterday afternoon with nothing to do so I grabbed my kit and went downtown for the evening to scout. I want to get down there when there's lots of people so I can get some ghost images. This one I saw. It took a few moments to figure out just the right angles.

I am not LDS. Please don't send a missionary my way. I like the downtown area & the way the organization sets up the lights during the holiday.

Friday, October 31, 2008

dreaming of winter

dreaming of winter, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

I decided to do a little hiking in an area I've not trekked to this summer. I headed out to Desolation Lake and beyond. Desolation Lake is a few miles in from Big Cottonwood Canyon and is also accessed by going out of bounds at the Canyon's Ski Resort in Park City. I went beyond by hiking up to the ridge and along the Wasatch Crest Trail. The image posted here is of Upper Bear Trap Fork, the back side of Desolation Lake.

Many open slopes draw skiers to the back country. However without proper training or a good head on the shoulders the back country can become the last country - aka resulting in death by burial in snow or demise if recovered in time. The slope surrounding Upper Bear Trap and Desolation Lake slide often in January and February.

I chose to re-familiarize myself with these slopes so that when snow does begin to fall, I will remember what is or isn't holding the snow to the slope.

For more information on Avalanche Dangers or forecasting see:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

about a but

It's a fact of life the older you get life transitions from weddings to christenings to funerals. Today is one of the later days. I went to a funeral. I'd rather go to weddings & christenings then funerals. Thankfully, today is not like the last few funerals I went to - that of a young person. I can't say today's was any better either because this was for an elderly (I hate that word). Today's was for one gentleman who impacted my life when I was a young man. I can't say elderly because to me he wasn't and how can you be when you're one that lore is written of? When one sits down to read the journals of the mountain men & trappers all one can do is picture you?

I've titled this about a but. A mentor, a Scout Leader, a buckskin wearing mountain man, all that was spoken of him did not include the but. There were no 'he was but...' or 'his but...' If there was a but on the other side of but was not a negative. There was a positive. There were many an example of how this gentleman treated others - always better then himself. There were examples of how he sacrificed so he could be with his beloved. There were examples of how he went without so others could be comfortable. There were pages of Scouting Lore that would be different had he not been there. The story of his family of his giving, giving, and giving. He lived the example all should follow.

There could have been a but. That but also most came to be... This but almost happened. BUT he died not knowing Christ - that is the but one does not want to hear. Of all the buts that could have been & are in life this is the but that changes everything. I am so glad his family loved him so much that thou they had the living example of Christ in their lives they stilled shared Christ with him. I am so glad that he accepted Christ. Thou not living a religious life, he exemplified the life to live - that of selflessness. No mater how 'good' one is there is no life perfect enough to gain access to heaven without having the life of Christ living inside. I am so glad the but ends 'but after all this good he did he accepted Christ and is alive though not with us.'

I know for this family, this time is hard, many traveled great distances just to be at his side. I know that the stories told are treasured. I know that the best condolences one can offer is a story or a listening ear. A book of pictures may not say much (troop history). A post card from a far - may not say anything. Faces unknown and yet touched, give not a clue. When all is strung together the thread of love revealed the but of not knowing Christ would shatter it all. The thread of life that ran is his life is the exemplary life, a finger print of Christ in everything he did, yet not recognized by him until the end. With all the threads in life end and the last needle of the tapestry pulled through, the finally picture seen without Christ it all unravels. I am so glad this family man, this Scout Leader, this selfless one finished his days with us knowing Christ.

I must pose this to those who read this entry: Is there a 'but' in your life? Is there stuff that would change the story told about you? I know not how to phrase the next. Do I dare say is a life lived for good and accepting Christ better then a life accepting Christ and then lived? Do I dare when does one accept Christ, after the party is over or before it begins? Do I dare ask, what's holding you back from accepting Christ? Will others one day say of you - he accepted Christ but (the blank) or will they say of you - he knew Christ and lived out his walk.

For the one who showed me how to live at peace in the outdoors (even a night without a sleeping bag or fire), for the one who taught me how to respect the outdoors, for the one who showed me what selflessness is. I thank his family for sharing Christ so that we may say and he knew Christ in the end and now lives.

*family & names purposely with held

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Morning Mist Elk

Morning Mist Elk, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

This is the kind of image everyone needs to get of elk or other wild life in Yellowstone. For me it was the cold that got me up and being up I decided to go for a walk down by the Madison River. This is as close to these animals as I wanted to be while we were on the same side of the river.

hoofs and antlers

_IGP8202, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

This is one of those pictures that you don't want to take on your trip to Yellowstone NP. The Park Rangers warn many a person daily to keep away from the wild life. The Park's literature too tells one to keep a safe distance of no less then 25 yards for most large animals and 100 at least for bears. It also says to give plenty of space to Elk during the Rut (mating season).

I did.

My story goes... one crisp morning before I started my coffee while camping at the Madison Junction Campground I chose to go for a walk along the river's side. I saw a few fly fishermen and pondered if they'd seen the elk herd in the area. As I came around the crest of a river bend I saw them in the field across the way, on the other side of the river. I took a few frames and walked over to a couple of photographers near by. We chatted a moment and moved up the river to get a better shot.

One of the cows (female elk) went rogue and crossed the river about a hundred yards from the bridge. I moved up river to get a picture of the elk fording the water. Still plenty of room for safety, 300 yards or so. The bull (male elk) forded the river to chase her back into his harem. Again, I had plenty of space though the photographers maybe one or three near where they crossed backed up 25 yard or plenty more.

She turned down river. My way. While she trotted, I ran (ran!) along with several others up hill to the trees. Three of us hid behind a big tree as she passed. He came after her. He paused long enough to look at us and shake his head. That big old tree became like a twig & I sucked up to it.

He charged on bent on getting his girl back. This is the image I caught shooting from the hip as he came around but a few yards (I don't recall exactly how far, the EXIF reveals I shot at 80mm zoom). Those two to three hundred yards of safety were eaten up mighty fast in those few seconds of chase.

The next images, after I button hooked it around that twig of a big tree is of the photographer 25 yards behind me with a nervous look on his face. He abandoned his camera on a tripod a moment later. It'd be half an hour before he could retrieve his gear.

The moral of this image.
1) Any distant distance is not safe during the rut.
2) I don't exactly have a point and shoot as many tourist do. If you do and you want a picture of what you see - ask some one with one of those big lens'd cameras on a tripod if they'd send you an image or two. The will if you're cool about it.
3) keep shooting regardless the focus.

If you were there that morning please send me an image or two of the treed three.

Mom, if you read this. This is my only encounter with wild life of this kind - ever! I stay out of and keep out of any harms way. Trust me. Just 'cus an image shows up like this doesn't mean I seek 'em. I'm a story teller & this one is illustrated.

Old Faithful at night under the stars

Many a year ago when I was but a youthful young man, I worked in the far fetched land of Yellowstone National Park. I longed to hike and to relax in the beauty of this rare and wonder filled landscape of exotic and toxic beauty though scared by the wild fires of 88 a scant 2 years before. I spent many a night laying on my back after a day of work or play on the board walk surrounding the geyser known as Old Faithful.

This image though it needs digital noise washing shows the geyser as I'd seen it many a time. I chose this one for you can see the Big Dipper Consolation ready to catch the water cast upwards into the sky. This is towards the end of this geyser's cycle and is lighted by a long exposure and a few flashes of those who do not realize night pixs don't work to well with flashes...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This sounds and looks corny but hey 17 is a strange number that's come around a few times in my life, once I was 17 years old, even. The last time 17 came up last when I was in England. At that time I made contact with an old teacher. I hate calling her old because she isn't. She's actually a few years younger then my folks. I say old because she had been a teacher of mine when I was in kindergarten/first grade. I'd traveled to London with Mercy Ships and had a long weekend off. I took the train out to her place and eventually went to her Mom's house which was a block away from where I lived as a youngster. I spent the day wandering the village; from my old house on Francis Road up to the school house, along a path that brought new meaning to sensory overload with the scent of memories; along another road up to an old stone cottage where we last lived before returning to the States. I knocked on the door of that old (100 years) place & asked if I could take a few pictures, explaining why I wanted to.

This time 17 is coming up as I head to Yellowstone NP. It's been 17 years since I last visited The Park. For me, I was on my own for the first time. It was a time of trial and error. It was a time that I learned and established my own rules. It was a time of vision that eventually took me across the USA and eventually over and on the Seas with Mercy Ships. I worked with the concession company at the Old Faithful Inn for two summers. I shared many a day with some awesome people, one or two I've caught up with in recent days. If you stumble upon this and were in Yellowstone 90 or 91 drop a line my way.

This time I heading back just for a few days. The trip will be fast & furious. I'll have the camera(s). I'll revisit a few of the old hikes & try to capture a few of the images that were forever captured on film (now buried in a trunk of memories). Ironically looking at the calendar it will be near 17 years to the day I left. I do hope it won't be another 17 years before I return the next time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Willow Lake Moose

Willow Lake Moose, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

Out cruising the woods in Big Cottonwood Canyon looking at fall foliage, my hiking partner pointed out this bull.

The leaves of the fall are brightening up all around Salt Lake City. If you haven't gotten out yet there is still plenty of time. This year is one of the best years to be out checking out the leaves in Utah. Last year we had a cold snap that took the leave right off. The year before it was dry & everything browned out before time. This year is amazing. The oaks and maples are soon to peak. The aspens as each grove changes is perking up. I've seen different groves change this year before other groves have. The mountains are a patch work of colors.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


For the most part, this is the crew I hang with, a rowdy bunch, with a batch of interesting personalities & interests.

As for the event that we attended, it is an annual event the company helps sponsor. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation holds many fund/awareness events around the country. JDRF is set out to find a cure for Diabetes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

quick n dirty thoughts

Now that I'm home & have a moment or two I hope I can recover some of what I was thinking about at work today. I made a list kinda jotting the note as I went. I am calling these QDPN's (Quick & Dirty [unrefined] Personal Notes).

Nothin': What it means...

My place, if you come over by invitation then take it seriously. I seldom let others into my door. If you are invited, come in & know I consider you as one of my own.

Beer, it's my choice of social cold drinks

Coffee: I drink it when it's a hundred and ten degrees & I'll drink it when boiling water freezes.

WTF (yes. that is...) Why is he wearing a sweat shirt in 100 weather? The sweatshirt is actually thread bare & hides my skin from the sun keeping me cooler...

I have no game & I know it.

Is it possible to be twisted (confused) about a friend. What if she finds out about it? Typically being twisted lasts only a few days or so then I'm back to cool friend thoughts & just hangin'. What if she reads this?

Best morning activity: Watching the little brown birds at the bird feeder while drinking coffee & reading the BOOK

Prayer & what it hasn't done for me, a satirical look at my current prayer life & unanswered prayers

Salted in shell peanuts versus pretzels.

The ever changing world of friendships. These things aught to be called friend shifts. I've noticed the gang I hang with now it's the gang I hung with...

Perfection in relationships is finding the qualities that will make one a better person...

Why is it the best ideas I want to write about happens at work? So back to work I go...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relay for Life Pictures

Laziness saved the pictures, rather I should say my desire not to do anything rash saved 'em. Yes, I am upset with the mis-representation towards the memory of my sister by the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I, however, know that I was also at the event for other reasons. The reasons would include to hang out with co-workers & to take pictures for the company I work for. Here therefore are a few of the images from that day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Relay for Life

12:33 AM 6/14/2008

It sucked!

That's the easiest way to put it, a huge let down.

I've planned on going to this event for months. I had my department manager even swing the schedule for me (thanks). However it is a big let down.

It was cool, great day beautiful weather (140 in your car) 80 else where. Clear sky just the kind you want to picnic under all day & night. It was held in a big city park, where at the same time was 2 baseball games & 2 practices going on. So where do I park??? Next when I found where to park, where were the vendor booths & where were the meeting areas. These weren't exactly well defined, thankfully the vendors were able to get themselves organized. The bathrooms - ah the pavilion, by the time I last relived myself I thought going redneck would be more sanitary in the parking lot. The route - if you missed the announcement early on in the event you had to guess where it was at - aka unmarked along the park's sidewalks. The announcement also included that they (the organizer's) did not want anyone walking a lone. Ah - safety but is that not why the event was at the park next to the city/county buildings and local police dept??? The stage events seemed to be a hodge podge of music & what not. I never did figure it out, sometimes there was a dance group cavorting on stage other times some music. For the opening ceremony they hired the CIA to do their goods to a cat, I mean they had some awful singer belt out the national anthem. Irony strikes, I'm drinking a beer. The tune to the US national anthem is a drinking song - a lousy one at that of the day. The words are a poem about a battle we lost to the British. My British friends never let me live that one down... My question for this part of the even is where is the flag? I didn't see one flying near by - the city had taken their's down for the weekend. There weren't any on stage, nor any Boy Scouts to present 'the colors.' This was all minor to what was to come.

What came as the night grew on. The luminaries were set out.

The bags prepared by loved ones who lost their's to cancer & of survivors, decorated; were filled with a handful of sand & a flickering light set inside. These were set up along the walking path. I watched & took pictures. People came up to me & asked what organization I shoot for. This is always cool & refreshing. I tell them it is a hobby & I take a few images for the company I work for. I followed along & took pictures of the one's I recognized, my DM's family, a co-worker's, others of interest.

I saw one with my sister's name on it. I thought cool - someone else is here who knows & remembers my sister, I hope to run into them. That though however would not be the case -that was (not) my luminary. I continued on. I didn't see the luminary I brought & gave to one of the volunteers who where to set these things out. I walked the route 3 more times, may be I missed it. I went back to the luminary I saw. I took out the light & placed it in another bag, shook out the sand & folded it up. I am disappointed. The cap stone just cracked. I could put up
with all the other stuff of this evening. This I cannot. I cursed under my breath walking away in the dark. The path dimly lit by the lights in the bag.

Some ladies where talking about the event & how well it was going as I left. They had volunteer shirts on. I asked if I could give a few words. Choking back the tears I told them I've walked this time & time again I have not found the luminary I made. I found a hand scrawled one with my sister's name on it. I also said I saw others with the same hand writing, just names with 'In memory of ...' I cursed the event as I walked away from them. This event had dishonored my memory of my sister...

Then it occurred to me why the volunteer I gave my luminary to asked if I had paid my money... This isn't an event to remember lost ones or to honor surviors. It' about the money. Not about the show & tell of how this organization is promoting finding a cure to cancer. It's about the money. What a cold hearted thing. (This is my opinion as I reflect on tonight). The word's this volunteer & those I passed leaving, just cold hearted. Cold.

She was beautiful. She was unique. She played an instrument few dare play & to my understanding she played it beautifully. She was my best friend growing up. She was the one person I knew from preschool. There isn't a day when I don't thing about her or look at a picture of her.

This event, the one I've looked forward to for so long in which I can set a memento next to other memento's of others who died of cancer crushes me. I utterly hate this evening. I I I can't say it enough. It sucked.

I got a 12 pack on my way home. At least I can cry into my beer.

If you are reading this & wondering where the pictures are of this event that I took. They are in a vice. The flash cards are so close to being destroyed. The one thing that will let you see them is a letter of apology from this event organizer on organization letterhead on why 'our' luminaries where not displayed. We paid our money. Please let us honor our dead.

All I am asking is let me honor my dead.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sample Weekend Pixs

This really isn't to say what I've been doing but to show just a few images that I've taken this weekend...
First I went to Wheeler Farm to participate with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Walk

Next I headed out to Rocky Mountain Race Way to watch what I thought was drag racing but turned out to be super oval. Either way I had fun & I've never been to any kind of motor racing, so it was a great experience.

On Sunday I headed out to Miller Sports Park to watch the Utah Grand Prix. This event rocked my ear plugs out with image opportunities...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is Historic

This is almost Historic, but borderline vandalism

This is almost Historic, but borderline vandalism

This is Vandelism

Nine Mile Canyon is a historic site in Eastern Utah. The petroglyphs attract thousands to make this day drive each year. Some of the main reasons people come out is to see the carvings into the soft sandstone walls made by Indians near a thousand years ago. Some of the other carvings were made by early visitors. The newer carvings are actually wanabe's vandalizing the canyon. If you know of anyone taking part in any kind of vandalism, report them to the local authorities. It irks me to see vandalism any where I go. Often in the winter I know I am on the right track because I see trees carved up with initials & dates. Vandalism takes away the pleasure of others who are coming by later. If you know of anyone taking part in is activity report them.

Escape the Photographer

I headed out to Nine Mile Canyon in Eastern Utah over the weekend. Nine Mile Canyon is known for the petroglyph's carved into the soft sandstone walls by Indians about a thousand years ago.
Besides seeing the carvings, there are other opportunities to see while taking the drive. One needs to keep the eyes moving else opportunities will leap away...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Me?

Who Me?, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

This is an image I grabbed a few days ago when I went for a drive. With the price of gas soaring these days I figure I better get out while I can still afford to explore my state.

One of my questions I need to pose is while technology has been doubling & quadrupling in many fields; why is the mpg of today's engines pretty much the same as it was 10 and 20 years ago? The car I drive gets 30 to the highway. When I bought it I was looking for 60mpg or better.
Does anyone know how to juice up an engine to get better gas millage? I'm not wanting to draft behind a semi- that's just to ****ing stupid & dangerous. I want to explore more & take more images like this one without having to re-fi my condo just for a weekend away from the city.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Young Hands

It's a simple image. It's a simple day for most of us. To this young couple it is. Simply it is the day they will remember for the rest of their lives. I pray these young hands will be together in eons to come. Like the old couple I commented to friends in '01. The old couple who's hands were like a well worn lock & key. I said 'There goes a couple I want to be like some day.' He heard me and turned towards me. I nodded back. I pray these young hands will imitate that couple I saw.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

primary gruff

I personally think that the two party system is failing the republic.
When I went down the rules of the 'open system' say I can vote for
anyone I want, however if I want to vote Republican I needed to
registered as a Republican. I'm non affiliated so I don't have to vote
along party lines - even in the primaries. I told the clerk, "I'm un
affiliated." She told me I had to choose one and went on to say if I
choose Republican I cold not vote because I am not declare Republican
therefore I'd loose my vote. Someone stepping out said choose
Democrat, they will let you vote Independent. So I said thanks to
him & told the clerk, Democrat. When I got to the ballot my indi's
were not on the ticket, so I could not choose my choice. If I am in an
'open system' how can it be called open if I can not choose whom I want
when I want at the ballot. That is my gruff. That is where I see the
failure in the system that is set up for the general populous. I
therefore cast my vote for the one whom is the biggest threat to the
one I do not want to move on in this election cycle.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dis'in the Flag

Check it out. Why do you want a presidential candidate who does not respect our flag? Veterians why do you want a guy in office with NO US Military experience?
copy & paste this http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/anthem.asp
Barack Obama does not place his hand over his heart when the U.S. national anthem is played?
No reverence to the country or the Flag that represents it.

The USA strength is based on the integration of the parts like alloys in the metals/plastics we used daily. When one part does not integrate it is known as a bad batch or an impurity. It is either thrown out or the impurity is skimmed off and destroyed.

Non-US Citizens should also be concerned about this Presidential Election. Write you US-Citizen friends and tell them to vote against Obama.


Yes, Politics again.

I just received my flyer from the County Clerk telling me Tuesday is coming.
Super Tuesday that is. It is the biggest date in which the majority of the primary elections for the Presidential Office take place.

For those of you who are not Politically active I know you are for you do pay your TAXES. Paying or Not Paying your taxes is a political decision. I urge you therefor to get registered to vote & then join me and thousands of others (I'd like to say Millions) in voting on Feb 5.

For Utahan's see County Clerk


Monday, January 07, 2008


Lazy Lazy Lazy
Lazy days are something I've grown a custom to over the years. At first lazy days were my way of retreating for a day of rest where I'd just hide from work. This was especially true when I worked on the M/V Caribbean Mercy as a cook. I knew then if I didn't hide I'd get roped into working either a little or a lot. These days I use the excuse of 'well it is my day off.' Truly I've noticed I keep one day reserved for doing nothing, nothing at all.

Well I recognized last night, as I turned off the TV, I'd watched 24 hours of TV in 29 hours. Huh why? I don't know. I was lazy. I was undisciplined. I resolved as I turned in for bed that I'd get up and go for a walk along the Jordan River Parkway.

During my walk, Hebrews 12:11 kept coming to mind "Now no chastening for the present semeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercise hereby." KJV (Sorry I don't have my NIV at reach). I like the wording of the old school version too. Many Proverbs both from the Bible and other cultures raked my mind.

I drew the conclusion I need to rethink my day off. I drew the conclusion that my day off cannot be a lazy day where I do nothing. I don't call watching endless hours of TV doing something.

I developed my own definition of discipline. Disciple is: uniform corrective action. Self-disciple therefore is: personal regular uniformed corrective action. How then do I go about achieving this? One write it down (check - this is my record). Two tell someone about what I want to do (check - this is my record). Three set out to do it (check - at least for one day, today).

So what are my goals to over come lazy days and laziness in general. Some people already know I want to hike 300 miles this year. I've broken 300 miles down into 8 mile hikes for 32 weeks. Essentially this is just to get out and do it. Is 300 miles possible? Yes, very much so. In '91 I worked in Yellowstone NP I casually hiked over that number because I got out and did it. I will say I walked many of the same paths over and over again. I enjoyed them every time for I saw the changing of the light, the changing of the season, & changing of the people.

For today I'll take a new transition from an old lesson. At college my Mentor took what I did on a regular basis and asked me to do them with accountability. On Monday's he'd ask me what the sermon on Sunday was about and what I got from it. On Thursday's he'd ask me what I thought about from my walk after Bible Study on Wednesday. And so he then once I grew accustom to the accountability he asked me to modify the behavior slightly. This behavior modification then would include walking with a purpose to think about my meditation time and other simple things. My mentor wasn't out to change my life he wanted to emphasize what I did right. As in my definition uniform corrective action, I can also add positive reinforcement of desired behavior.

So what can I do these days. One I like to work out before work on days I work a late schedule. Two I can put a timer into the power outlet that will turn the TV off after a certain amount of time. Three work into my daily schedule time to read & time to chat with friends. And finally four to achieve the fitness goal of hiking the three hundred miles to get up on my day off and just do it even if it is walking a trail like the Salt Lake Over Look (2 miles one way from Mill Creek) on the Desolation Trail. Then my day off will begin to transition from lazy to at least a little active with an activity I enjoy doing.

These simple things will help me transition from lazy days to restful days.