Sunday, August 20, 2006

someone hit my car

one would think that parking is a safe activity. while I was baking chicken, my neighbor knocks on my door saying that my car had been hit by a drive through. what the *&^%$? sure enough I grabed a shirt and the camera, he and I headed out to the parking lot. my mirror dangling by the wires, we began to walk the neighborhood looking for the vehicle. we found it. took damage pixs of the truck he described to me. then I called the cops. the perp I'm told did not have insurance nor wanted to admit to the hit & run. I was told he'd been arrested (big whopie - who's gona pay for my muffed mirror? me no doubt) I'm also trying to get a hold of my apt manager to say what can be done about people cutting through? I've seen more people cut throught then who live in this building. I've also nearly been hit stepping out! to added to my vehicle demise of yeasterday in the morning my car was egged.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

All Church Campout

This is just a clip of the Rock Church campout over July 28's weekend. More images can be found at Rock Pix and at my other website dotphoto .

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