I'll keep this simple.

Living near the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, I make time to disconnect from social media a couple of times a week during the summers for a hike.  Some days I take a ham radio up to the mountains.

In Utah are the Uinta's, the only East to West running mountain range in the USA.  The Uinta's are a quick 90 minute drive to get from my place to western end of the Highline trailhead above Mirror Lake, other trailheads take up to 3 1/2 hours go get to.  If one pages through my flickr account at Flickr/PreyingJaws, you'll see a lot of both ranges.  On Instagram @PreyingJaws where I am slowly building some photos.

PS I often write my blogs on a mobile device and I may not catch spelling errors or grammatical mistakes


Irene said...

Brian, YOU are awesome! Irene

Anonymous said...

Brian, Dennis Willden here. Hoping you are having a great summer and wondering when you are coming back.

Ross Kirkley said...

Hi Brian, I imagine your legs are weary , but, I envy your persistence and courage. Hope to see you back at EH , aka OE in the near future.

ralphklee said...

Great journal Brian....Read it all...thanks for sharing...You're totally AWESOME! Makes me want to take a hike in the Unitas's one day...GREAT!