Saturday, September 27, 2008


This sounds and looks corny but hey 17 is a strange number that's come around a few times in my life, once I was 17 years old, even. The last time 17 came up last when I was in England. At that time I made contact with an old teacher. I hate calling her old because she isn't. She's actually a few years younger then my folks. I say old because she had been a teacher of mine when I was in kindergarten/first grade. I'd traveled to London with Mercy Ships and had a long weekend off. I took the train out to her place and eventually went to her Mom's house which was a block away from where I lived as a youngster. I spent the day wandering the village; from my old house on Francis Road up to the school house, along a path that brought new meaning to sensory overload with the scent of memories; along another road up to an old stone cottage where we last lived before returning to the States. I knocked on the door of that old (100 years) place & asked if I could take a few pictures, explaining why I wanted to.

This time 17 is coming up as I head to Yellowstone NP. It's been 17 years since I last visited The Park. For me, I was on my own for the first time. It was a time of trial and error. It was a time that I learned and established my own rules. It was a time of vision that eventually took me across the USA and eventually over and on the Seas with Mercy Ships. I worked with the concession company at the Old Faithful Inn for two summers. I shared many a day with some awesome people, one or two I've caught up with in recent days. If you stumble upon this and were in Yellowstone 90 or 91 drop a line my way.

This time I heading back just for a few days. The trip will be fast & furious. I'll have the camera(s). I'll revisit a few of the old hikes & try to capture a few of the images that were forever captured on film (now buried in a trunk of memories). Ironically looking at the calendar it will be near 17 years to the day I left. I do hope it won't be another 17 years before I return the next time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Willow Lake Moose

Willow Lake Moose, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

Out cruising the woods in Big Cottonwood Canyon looking at fall foliage, my hiking partner pointed out this bull.

The leaves of the fall are brightening up all around Salt Lake City. If you haven't gotten out yet there is still plenty of time. This year is one of the best years to be out checking out the leaves in Utah. Last year we had a cold snap that took the leave right off. The year before it was dry & everything browned out before time. This year is amazing. The oaks and maples are soon to peak. The aspens as each grove changes is perking up. I've seen different groves change this year before other groves have. The mountains are a patch work of colors.