Tuesday, February 28, 2006

blog blog blog

Blogs, seems like every where I turn there is another set of 'friends' wanting me to check out the latest and greatest blog. I think I've grouped booked marked all of mine. Let's see blogspot, MySpace, Xanga, Yahoo 360, and uh I know there is one more out there. Wait, it's not really a blog more of an on-line journal that accompanies deviantArt. I want to let everyone know there is more to life then reading blogs or writing them to be posted on to the different sites. If anyone knows of software that will let me write one idea and post to many sites please for the sake of my sanity please let me know. By the way I use Mozilla 1.7


Sunday, February 26, 2006


    eye for perspective to see
    eye for an ear to hear
    a heart for God to do with what you got

Moving this week, I purposely set ob jects of question out at my new place. When the guys who'd help me we had sometime to wait. These guys would help me move the bulk of my books & furnature. I've already moved the "stuff." Indeed questions were asked. (Hey, it's a first, others who've visited haven't asked or questioned anything.) One picked up an old journal - a journal of sketches of travels past, "you have a lot of hidden talent."

Long ago before I picked up my camera as I do today, I picked up a sketch book. A sketch book given by my grandfather's sister. She had a sketch book with an image I took of an obscure scuplture in a far away land. Her sketch, my photo, jolted me into sketching. Quick, simple, capturing the essence of the moment. Several of you became recpients of this work years later with my personalized postcards. Today I use the camera to get the moment.

Long before my BS in Speech Communication came to be, I worked for ACMNP . I spoke about the wonders of GOD with the visitors of the park I worked in. The study that went into it, the practice, the blunders all of it I remember. Fear of Public Speaking is rated as stronger then the fear of death. However for me walking in front of a group is the dreaded fear which breaks me into a cold sweat. Yet to speak in front of that same group I am at home with.

Langauge, I can't learn it from a book. Yet in a country given a couple of weeks I'll have learned enough to get around.

Talents, what is in my tool bag? My tool bucket/bag (I have both) what tools aren't? The hammers are beat to death, while the fine finishing saw is not used so often but is well cared for and sharp.

God/Jesus (Matthew 25:14-30) says what talents have you used that I gave you? What talents have I used? I could list those I've used this week easily, while I'd be a while to list those I haven't. My sketches are a reflection of a talent I've used regularly in concept but, not exact per se. I use visulization and placement concept of sketching daily.

I could go on how Christ also says those who have will be given more. I could go on how Christ also says those who don't use will loose. I therefore propose that one talent used will grow into other talents.