Sunday, October 07, 2007

boots of my historic past & prestent

There is a pebble I could not avoid floating in my boots; it seemed like with each shuffle in the dust of that morning walk I could not escape irritation. Upon return to the house I let the dog in and I took a close look at my foot wear. A stress mark of long ago finally wore through leaving not just a hole in the boot but a river of jagged edge near 2 inches long.

I'd bought these solid old leather hiking boots before I turned 19. I'm 36 now. They've graced my feet on more then an epic journey through the Wasatch Mountains. They've kicked up dust in Senegal and Ghana. They've courted a trail in Poland. I think I've even polished 'em up before to wear to a job interview. They held my feet on the deck of a pitching ship when coming into port.

My boots define me. I do have other trinkets from lands of distant eras of my life. I may seek to have 'em repaired. I may just wax 'em up one more time. I will though put them near my fire place to hang, a picture of who I am.

Monday, October 01, 2007

forgiveness and friendship

I am hoping that a message of peace would be conveyed with my last post. Please shut me out for a while but don't shut out others. I want peace and forgiveness.

I simply want to stand next to you as a friend. I will fight for friendship more then any other aspect of my life. Friendship for me cuts across ageless boundaries of culture and religion. If I invite you to stay at my place or say call me anytime - that means you mean something to me. There are very few people I've repealed this from.(only one couple in the thousands of people I know).

Forgiveness and grace go hand in hand with correction and discipline in the lines of friendship.

A few years back (now over 10) I began to hang out with a group that met in the dining room of the Anastasis at 10pm. We'd write letters, write in our journals, read books & the Bible. We did everything and anything together. However there was one individual I didn't get a long with nor liked, so when ever he showed up I left. As the seasons change and the group began to disperse because commitments were up or new people came in, little did I realize I shut out several close friends because I left when this individual came around. I recognize it as a mistake. I have not made this mistake since.

Though I don't like someone or someone doesn't like me these days I will not leave a group, but I will also not put up with that crap. It bugs me to no end that either the other individual will not come to me or will let me come to them to resolve the difference or resolve to let there be an issue between us. I can live with people hating me. What I can't live with is not knowing from them why they hate me.

Forgiveness and grace go hand in hand with correction and discipline in the lines of friendship.