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I want to highlight a few resources for Amateur Radio also know as Ham Radio.  I am integrating hiking with the original electronic social networking form.

My interest peaked when my cell phone provider's signal did not reach where other's had connection. Frustrated, I pondered, why don't I carry a two way radio instead and meet people along the way or at least on the air.  Upon completing the AT, I studied and passed the Technician Level and snapped up a cheap Chinese radio, a Baefeng F-8HP, which is on the 2 meter and 70 cm band.  It does pick up the NOAA weather frequencies so I am in the know about the weather.

Web Resources

  This is the first stop for any HAM... American Radio Relay League

FCC on Amateur Radio... FCC

  Utah Amateur Radio Club is Utah's oldest and longest running club dedicated to the science and privilege of amateur radio.

UT VHF Socitey
   Utah VHF Society manages many of the repeaters for 2 meter and other Very High Frequency bands throughout Utah.

Emergency Resources
   Salt Lake County ARES is one of several emergency communication networks when infrastructure fails.

  Summits on the Air a UK based contesting scheme that combines hiking and radio.  One does not need to be a hiker to participate.  There are Activators (hikers) and Chasers (non-hikers) together they exchange essential info to complete a contact.
  Utah's region is W7U
  If one wants to listen for an 'activation' try SOTAwatch2 where Activators will post destinations

DX Code of Conduct
   Code of Conduct This page highlights courtesy practices for long distance contacts  

Practice Tests
 HAM STUDY The testing pool for the 3 levels are available in a variety of resources.  I like this one as it provides several modes of study.
  ARRL's download link for the 3 levels of question pools.
  N0JI a Utah County base HAM with many good beginner links and discussions.
  KB6NU a professionally designed and organized ham radio user site offering many resources.
  KE2KY another personal blog that is stuffed with Ham Radio info. 
  The DX Zone a commercial based ham radio blog.
  QRZNow is not really a blog but is formatted like one and is stuffed with news, reviews, and other info.
  M0UKD a UK based HAM who likes getting outdoors and using low power to make contacts
  M0JCQ's Ham Blog subtitled Adventures in Ham Radio
  Seek Solidude a US based HAM that likes to get out, follow up with photos
  DO7PSL a Southern Germany HAM who states Radio is his Recreation
  AB9IL He has a variety of resources in addition to HAM Radio

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