Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Cheeky, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

Getting out to shoot isn't the issue in the winter. The issue is what to do with the images after the shoot. I couldn't pass not posting this image of Jakki.

I headed up to Ogden to join the Northern Utah Creative Group for a model shoot at Beus Pond. I'm not all that familiar with Ogden but thanks to Google Maps I found where I needed to be easily enough on what was shaping up to be a grey day.

As the day got warmer the smog and fog burned off revealing a blue sky. Most of my exposures from this shoot came out over exposed with the light reflecting off the snow. It didn't help that I used my flash to compensate (a bit to much) for the shadows. Over all I am pleased with the images I got.

While in Ogden I headed to Winter Fest on 25th street. Meeting a the local camera shop with Photographixs - another photography group. The hand full of photographers with Photographixs then headed out to capture the activities of human dog sled races to the snow mobile drag races on snow trucked in the day before. Images of the drags will come up over the next week or so.

I will admit I've not posted much this winter. I've taken up a project of photographing the textures of snow. Snow is tricky to expose for. It either comes out grey or blue. Blue is fine because that's the natural color of snow. It's tricky when it comes out pink or other colors. The most difficult this tracking the focus in snow. The texture is often there but what is lacking is the contrast for the camera to lock onto.

Northern Utah Creative Group