Monday, May 25, 2009


Mistakes happen all the time. It's like I have an addiction to sticking my foot in my mouth. This time though it's not about me. It's about an aggressive track known as MillerMotorSportsPark. Yes, I'm providing free advertising for the Larry H Miller Group solely because I like Motor Sports. Motor sports in Utah hasn't yet taken off like it has with NASCAR in the South. So I want to let you know that Utah does have Motor Sports.

The mistakes I'm focusing on are almost victories. The track is a driver's track. If the driver isn't on top of his/her game then the course will drive the driver.

Here are a few of the 2500 shots I took last weekend at the Utah Grand Prix. The first image I didn't catch until I chimped after watching him drive into the pits. The second is at the 'Kink' an almost straight a way. The third is near 'Club House Bend' I don't know why he got turned around.