Monday, April 30, 2007

Tour de Cure

American Diabetes Foundation will host it's annual Tour de Cure in various regions around the country this summer. Last summer my dad and I volunteered for the event with the Miata Club of Utah; half of the Miata Club rode the other half provided on the road support. Road Support is fun because I got to see the riders in various stages of excitement and exhaustion. In various places the Club would stand/park near various road hazards like Rail Road Crossings (one in experience rider lost it on a crossing & needed medical attention); sometimes provided directions at odd turns; provide a quick tire repair (I did a MacGyver on a sidewall repair near Golden Spike, which lasted the next 60 miles for the rider); and unfortunately provide road side medical support until EMTs can arrive in the case of one rider who took an unusually hard spill.
I also took pictures. Often over my shoulder as we drove past. Other Club members shot as well. The official images are here.

This event is for the support of finding a cure for Diabetes. Diabetes has inflicted its pain into my family both my Grandfather died from complications resulting from the disease and Aunt is dealing with it now. I also have friends who have it. I encourage you to look into your local ride or into supporting the American Diabetes Association.

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