Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The toxic blare of sirens pierced the silent night above the lazy evening traffic. Gently I sat of all places here at my computer enjoying the night of surfing & pondering going to bed. The sirens continued. Damn there close, to close. I went to the window only to see a column of gray gas rising above the tree line thick, unwavering against the shadow of the night scape. Bubble gum wrapper lights danced between the trees and buildings I could see. The neighbor above stepped out onto her tiny deck talking on her cell saying I see flames looks like a house on the other side of the 'Street.' Do I grab my jacket & dodge traffic with my camera or do I just set here, I pondered. At last watching from my window the gray turned to white the sirens died down I stooped praying the family that just lost everything.
This morning an annoying fly drove me from my coffee. What the hell is this buzz going on. I did grab my shoes and headed out the door. A news 'choper flew circles around last nights fire scene. Damn buzzards, doesn't this family have enough hardship now without you pointing it out to everyone who watches your show, I cursed under my breath.

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