Tuesday, June 20, 2006

new technology

Photog's, pro & amatuers, snap happy, and P&S enthusiasts: did you see the new technology article where researchers have found a way to spoil our fun? In the name of 'national security' and 'copy right protection' they found a way to temporarily disable ccd's and cmos sensors using low visable white lazer light. There are draw backs to the technology first it is in effective against slr (film & digital) second it still requires human intervention in the form of computer analyists to double check the data. What it is good for is to spoil video recording devices and the P&S/evf digital cameras.
I want to draw your attention to this early therefor you will be aware just in case you come across a situation where your digital images are all 'blown out.' I think if I suspect a venu will be using this technology when it comes available I'll start packing a film body with my kit.
While I'm on the technology kick are you aware of the big guns decision not to produce any more film bodies or p&s'rs? A couple of the leading film manufacturers are also ceasing production on there well known products.

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