Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tour de Cure

I rode shot gun with the Utah Miata Club yesterday for the National Diabetes Foundation's Tour de Cure. This is a national bike riding event. The riders choose to ride either a 100 mile (Century) course or a 60 mile course. The century went out to the Golden Spike National Mounument from Bringham City UT. This was my first event. I grabed my camera and a bicycle repair kit. Both were used well by the day's end. A few people stoped a side with flats the trickist being a side wall wear out. A little MacGyver in me enabled this rider to complete the next 60 miles without incident.
Posted below is a flickr badge linking to some 105 images I've chosen from yesterday's event.

Tour de Curepreyingjaws' Tour de Cure photoset

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