Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow-ing Spring Time

Spring right? My calander says March 13. Isn't this spring, right?
In some cases yes, not this past week while I watched 4 inches pile upon my car outside. (side note: I moved to the valley a couple of weeks ago) Imaging the snow in the mountains.
I spent the weekend also relaxing the back. Today, I had phyical therapy - the physio said I pulled one of the stabalizer muscels in my lower back. Stetching and exercizes are his perscription.
I checked the weight of my camera bag on a bathroom scale - an est. 12 lbs - wow its' within the other dr's order of not lifing 15lbs. I took it to church & shot the baptisims for the month. My church does not use a heated pool - shocking isn't it. I'll post those images elsewhere. I doubt for dA they are appropriate for this art site.

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