Sunday, March 05, 2006


Walking outside last night, I pasted a vehicle that'd been parked for several hours. Getting into my own, I noticed a guy sitting in that vehicle. I got really nervous as I drove off. "What if's" ran rampant through my head for the next couple of hours. When I returned he wasn't there. I paid close attention to my appartment locks - no scratches - hew! flipping on the lights, everything was there.
As I headed back out the same vehicle pulled in and a young lady whom I recognized as a neighbor stepped out. My cause for alarm nullified itself.
Yet the question remains - what if someone is watching the appartments to get to know our schedules to - you know knockoff an easy grab.
The thing I'm most nervous about is someone snaking my laptop & other hardware. I've had irreplaceable stuff stolen before - going through my library a Dr. Zuess book is missing "Oh the Places You'll Go" my (late) Big-Sis gave it to me eons ago as I was in missions. Little did she know of the places I'd go... that book however may be lurking in another trunk not at this location.
The point of the matter is... yeah I'm nervous - I haven't off site backed up for a while. This is not an invitation for hackers to hack me - that's just as illegal as outright theft of physical property.

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