Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Last night to you - morining for me - I experienced an unusual dream. Rather confusing actually but, with elements of astounding clarity. I copy this writing from notes I jotted before going to work.

Weird sense in a dream, a friend is struggling after an organ transplant [an e-mail yesterday said he was in trouble & his body is rejecting the new organ - PS the Dr's don't want him to know]. In this dream were many confusing elements and yet, one part is crystal clear, me giving im a hug saying "Get well soon buddy." I had a true sense of his presnece at that moment (1:30 am). My alarm kicks in at 1:40 am. I'm not sure if it was good bye or a cry for prayer for him. Like I said there were many confusing elements.

I pleaded for his life on the basis of friendship and what he brings to the table (of friendship). I know he'd be better off on the otherside [he has deep Christian beliefs] yet, I know here he'd enrich our lives. I miss my Big Sis daily for I can no longer share with her at the table of relationships [she got a rare cancer 5 years ago & passed away mere days later], therefore I pleaded all the more for my friend's life to be spared. (2:45 am)

This friend is a fine photographer of people. He sports a fuji EVF. His deep convictions have helped others straighten up just by living straight. I'm trying to get him to post some of his work on dA and other sites. I think others would be encouraged by his work. I'm calling a mutual friend shortly to find out if there is any change in his condition from yesterday.

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PreyingJaws said...

I just checked his blogger an entry this morning (6:30) shows good news - he might be going home today.