Thursday, April 06, 2006

Complacent Atitude

Precariously balancing my laptop between knees and palms, I sit stairing at blank screens [of blogs] watching snow gather outside. My tea grows cold setting next to FF Bruce's The Hard Sayings of Jesus Christ. On my mind of late are thoughts without resoucres piling up waiting to explode under triffling circumstances. Blogs of this mater should already be posted yet, in my complacency they are not. The US Coast Guard adversitment echoes "I am the line in the sand; I am the defender of the homeland." My sentament these days for an odd reason is "I am the stick in the mud; I will make you become stuck with me." Complacency, that's it. I know what I want to do. I know how to do it. I've read a stack of motivational books. I even subscribe to bguides. Go a head and pray for me, I am. Actually that is the one thing that this bout of complacency is making me do. As a result my attidude is changing. Actions do speek louder then words. Bruce notes that it is not the letter of the 'law' that makes the sayings of Christ hard; it's the attitudes by which they challenge that does. When atitudes change so do the actions, just compare these two stories the first about the debtor who is forgiven much yet forces another to pay him back and the second the harlot who washes Jesus' feet with her hair.

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