Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Hiking

anyone in the greater SLCUT area on Blogger?
anyone passing through SLCUT?

I've started this spring something new for myself. Each sunday morning I've gone for either a walk around my neighborhood or a hike up a canyon. With SLCUT having 7 to choose I;m puzzeled about which hike I want to do next.
This morning sporting my new Shoes (snowshoes) I beat my way up to the Cardiff Mine (Mill D South in Big Cottonwood). It rained on my party of one as I approached the mine. I pushed on and up into the bowl fearing avalanch. I took the risk and the view of a big ass snow field paid sunburn to my eyes while it continued to rain.

The point of this message is: I;m looking for someone to hike with. Grab the cameras, head up early, plan a different hike each week varying in skill levels and repeating the hikes as the seasons change.

Anyone one game???


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