Saturday, April 29, 2006


To conclude my work at UPS I decided to go for a good hike.

Previously this year I attempted to hike up to Lake Blanch in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Uh, snowshoes would have been better that day. I only made it a mile before pulling out the camera and pyning my way through ankle deep powder.
The Lake Blanch trail turned out perfect for my requirements. A lofty lung & leg burning goal. I met a race horse along the way - galloping in my chest. I did not think I was this out of shape. With a 2,500 foot elevation climb in 2-3 miles half of it on icey snow I wish I would have grabbed my snowshoes out of the UPS delivery truck in the morning - I tracked them on line knowing when they'd be deliverd. I also use to work in that particular UPS pre-load area. I almost turned back multiple times, what drove me on was the want of just seeing what the area looked like under a blanket of snow. Punching the crust of icey snow made the going difficult. On top though the view of the high end of the canyon made the trek worth while. The trek down went slick-a-dy-do through soft snow of the early afternoon. I met several others stomping their way up.

This hike exceded my expatations for the time being. Later this spring I'll redo the hike in want of seeing the changes. I forget how beautiful this area of the country is. I also forget how close it is to my door.


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