Wednesday, March 15, 2006


HABITS: it's a UPS thing that is applicable in a lot of areas. In this post I'll become sourcastic so if you're offended then stop reading or if you're an employer checking up on me - this is at times how I think - or if you are UPS then this is my spin on HABITS.

Every company seems to have its own culture and its own training program. UPS is no different. UPS takes pride in delivering your packages. UPS's only product is delivering your package whether it's next door (yes I've seen neighbors post packages to the place just down from them) or across the globe. UPS is your premier parcel delivery service. I am glad to be working for this outstanding company. Part of the reason why I like working for UPS is the opportunity for on going training and advancement within the organization. Granted the new hire turn over is close to 20% yet the retention of those who stay longer then a year is near 95%. I looked at builten board as I walked out yesterday so I know these numbers are true. Everyone who becomes employed by UPS goes through 'cornerstone training' this is a foundational week long training that lays the foundation of the UPS operations. The on going training is more of a review and maintance of that training while advancement or transfers will include new materials as needed.

  • Health: "know your body" be your best [eat healthy at home 'cus the vending machines are fast fixes of high frutose sugar]
  • Athletic: "be your best" be at your best performance [ablity just do your job save your strength for other things - prior to this my saying is athleticism ain't just for jocks -but that's being prejudice so I won't mean it]
  • Body: "Body mechanics, using ergonomic principels" know how your body works and use the Power Zone [don't mess up your body here, it ain't worth it so, use it wisely & it will last a life time]
  • Inspect:"be aware of your immediate surroundings" know what you're getting into [make sure there are witnesses incase of incident {there were no witnesses when I fouled up my back}]
  • Tools: "Use as intended" make sure you have what you need to do the job effectively [include a time piece just incase of incident -also helps to know how much longer before break]
  • Safety: "and compliance: Comply with UPS and Gov' regulations" work with care & diligence [get help even if, we've got to look out for each other for ultimately managment is most intrested in the bottom line not in your bottom]

This is a fast catch on a broad subject. I write it here for I know that as a life style artistry is more then putting out good work with a spin on it. Artistry is a lifestyle that punctuates living dangerously at time - according to those who arn't artsy. Some of us do have lives outside of work or are working at other places or working on a cool hobby that is tentativily 'dangerous'.
By the way I've been told that safety is ultimately my responsiblity - "Hell no!" I replied in a hurry, "tell that to the fucker who hit me who thought it best to talk on his cell phone rather then to pay attention to where he was going." Ultimately our safety is in the hands of others, therefore safety is team work - that's the point of HABITS - safety.

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