Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Keep Your Mouth Shut

It's simple. Everywhere I go I have the opportunity to present myself. Sometimes I say appropriate things while other times I say in-appropriate things. I hope I don't say anything in-appropriate during these next few posts. One of the things I want to do is to get away from giving out information.

Anyone who's been [through driver's ed] and in an auto accident will know this - Keep Your Mouth Shut - even if you know for certian that you're at fault. By KYMS you do not admit guilt rather you may veer guilt away from yourself nor do you imply guilt thus you may save yourself grief, cash, & other [I'm not inciting that you lie or try to get out of it or other implied actions].

The same thing applies to any accident. Last week I strained my back at work. I'll admit it was early, I thought I was ready for the day yet when I lifted an over 70lb'er my back gave way - amnitomical failure. Ouch! In the processing of the incident report I addmitted I know I have back problems [side note: don't work manual labor with known back problems] I'm screwed now. Simple as that, I addmitted to having prior back problems & I'm paying for it. This morning when I reported to work I was sent home for the company's insurance people said -he can't work until he gets a full release for duty- simple well not quite so.

The fact is by keeping my mouth shut I might be working today instead of griping about it. I might also be able to tote around my full camera kit to hit some of the awsome snow highlights of this morning. Yes, it's mid March & it is a full winter [with warning] snow storm in the SLC area.

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