Tuesday, November 14, 2006

S Curves

S curves are wonderful whether they are being carved into freshly fallen powd'r or zooming around them on a road. Many Utahian's will recognize this 'S' curve for others well it's up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I'm looking down on it (shivering my frozen fingers off) I took the opportunity for a late eveinging hike in fallen snow over boot tramped trails with a curs'd head lamp that' worked about as well as depleating batteries would go in ice forming weather. Coming down near the trail head I saw cars in the night. I scratched my head & decided the cold inconvience would be worth the while if I got one or two decient pixs. It was hit after I remembered even at night if one does not remove the lens cap no image will be taken. Without a tripod eternity is close to 40 seconds even with the camera was on a rock and socks. Of the 15 pix (two were with the lens cap on) I grabed 4 that are okay to show off. Okay so one is cut off - I liked it for someone drove into the parking lot for a moment adding intrest to the scene.

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Sawyer said...

Man, I've wanted to photograph just what you have here for a while now. Great capture.