Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Utah is beneficial to those of us who enjoy the out doors, there's lots to do within half an hour or 6 if you want to extend your drive. A cold winter storm droped a knee full of white fluffy powder on SLC last night causing grid lock in the city but HEAVEN in the mountains. Unfortunately for me I didn't get up until 8 & by 9 I was out the door to experience gridlock just getting to the freeway that would take me to the mountains. Knowing my favorite stomping ground of BC would be shut down for avalanche control I routed to Neff's Canyon a little closer and accessed through an upper class neighborhood a short 10minutes away or so I thought 30 minutes later I arrived. & i forgot the camera. I didn't go far just enough to fill my lungs with moisture sucking cold air & enough to get bragging rights at the office that I bounced in fresh powder, now my 'boarder workmate may rub in the fact that she ditched school today to take a run or 3 at Brighton but hey I have litgitimate rights, I didn't ditch school.

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