Tuesday, July 04, 2006

up on the jacks & dead

Half asleep in front of the TV yet, following the plot line, I was; when my
Dad walked in announcing the death of my car. His announcement inviting me
to get a full-time job. Knowing the argument I held back simultaniously
trying to follow the show. UPS does feel like a fool-time job. Today, beaten
by shift end, combined with early to non-existant evenings, the plumeting
intensified. The announcement of my car's demise on the lift punctuates the
on going screaming mirror theme. I can understand different messages from
the pulpit, from books, even my own strength/weakness there of. This,
however, hits the span of everything. I use my car as my force of economics
(getting to work), spiritual enlightenment (getting to church), and social
interaction (going to friend's flats). What is not effected?
My D200 fund instantly flipped into the four new wheels campaign. Now would
be a good time to set up my ideal ride however, I also include what I'll
settle for. My ideal would be the new Toyota Tundra TRO mid-size pickup,
deep gray, 15 inch rims, fully loaded, and a fishing rod rack in the back
window to show my red-neck side. I'll settle for any small to mid-size
pickup with 100,000 miles which still looks presentable. My browed wheels
will become a Ford f-150 -aka a tank- once my Mom returns from her trip.
My car, I'll say with its 131,000 miles, treated me well. My late Big-Sis
bought it with 50k. I got it from her with 70k. Yeah, 60k more would be nice
but, a new trany is $2,200; a used one is $400, then the install. The
vehicel is ladden with sentamental value, runs well, and is faded. Driven to
and from East Texas three times with skirmishes to St. Pet FL and to SD CA,
I've got some serious distance in the saddle. Thank God the AC never failed
and the gas tank didn't dry up. Traveling the lonely West Texas stretch of
I-10 in 2004, I counted the miles coinciding to a fateful October day in
'90. Damn! I looked to the sky praising God! I only totaled my chevett and
not my life. Yeah, I bought a section of guard rail. Since that day, I
seldom drive more then ten hours or when I'm fatigued.
My car does have other sentamental value, as for now I'll let my memories
rest. I must get busy finding alternate wheels and employment.

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