Tuesday, July 04, 2006

immigration rally

^I don't care if they come here, just don't make it legal for them to stay
here. And I've already told them (those who work here) so.^ a bk employee
expressed while he took my order. I'm 'union' I care about keeping American
jobs in American hands. Like Christians are responsible to pray so
Americians are responsible to become political active. Freelancers keep the
establishment in check. I'm calling on everyone - get off your ass and do
something. Trained on ship board fire fighting the last thing one wants to
do is show up empty handed. Today I represent myself and you for you haven't
shown up (my assumption is you didn't know about today). This entry will be
long. It will be pro-American - tighten imigration regulations. I will try
to present both sides of this arguement in positive light dispite my
'tainted' bias. PS I'm the son of a (Canadian) immigrant/US natralized
citizen. He paid a price for his citizenship, those gathering outside
escaped Mexico.

On the NE corner of Washington Square (Salt Lake City/County Building) the
Utah Minutemen began pulling their ranks together at 9am. The Immigrant
group would arrive later on the NW side. Both groups have permits to
assemble. Both groups expressed to yesterday's news the desire to keep
things civil while expressing their opinion. Time to split bk to see if this
is holding true. 10:11.

Civil? That may be questionable. 17:25 Thats the time right now I should be
in bed getting ready for work. I hadn't intended to stay for long just long
enough for some pixs. The draw of the assembly drew me in.

Seeing helmits turn in the confined spaces; adraline surged - yes conflict,
yes picts of fists, no but close. A few Latinos paused long enough to
warrent police interaction. Someone said 'we need some more neutrals over
here.' Thrusting my way through walls of chanting Latinos, camera firing, I
staged myself along a human chain between marchers, riot police, and the
Utah Minutemen. Keep moving, vamanous, smile and wave, we can do it; are
phrases I do not want to hear for time and a half. Some Latinos wanted to
give a piece of fist to the red faced Americans, most kept shuffling a long.
The Utah Minutemen were not an issue, they stayed back on an established
line. The Latinos were, personally, the trouble. Still, I wanted some
action, rather then see clashes between the groups, I'd prefer a fist my

Has it been 10 days since I last wrote on this issue? Yes, emphatically, yes
it has. The local dailies printed various articles covering the march.
Saddly the Tribune printed some other city's rally on Monday's front page.
What is not your own city valuable enough to warrent the lead image?
Apparently not, and to their shame. State street with God only knows how
many people a mile long is truely impressive. And might I add a rush to be a
part of. The numbers reported on Monday were 20,000 by Friday the number

At work almost everyone I talked with held the tighten the immigration
opinion slash enforce the laws already established. I'm with them however,
my cut to them, 'is where the *@@@ were you?' One guy replied,'Out skiing, I
have my priorities.' In that case, I thought, may no one stand by you.

I still stand by my original preface, keep American jobs in American hands.
Next to say, Your Daddy is a criminal, he knowingly broke our laws therefore
he needs to pay the said penalty. Should there be leeway to feed his hungry
family? No, the US foreign aid, trade agreements, and internation relief
agencies already provide for this. What to do? I say put up a fuss. Millions
of Illegals with some ligitement residents put up quite a show. The rest
honestly didn't need to be included in the ranks.

I guess my real bitch here isn't about the rally. It's about the complacency
of Americans. The rally kicked ass. I experienced more excitement there then
I've in a long time. Either that or I lead a boring life; please don't
comment on that statement.

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