Monday, July 10, 2006

Recovery Help Wanted

Hey, this is an urgent plea for help.
Over the weekend my backup system went south.

I've searched the lists of help pages and now it's time for me to scream HELP.
this is what I wrote to one of the help pages...
Yesterday, I turned on my external HD which is a Western Digital 160G in an ADS Tech case. I had it partioned into at least 3 ways. The thing had a way of cycling on and off during its first few minutes of power up while MSXP Autoplay would ask what did I want to do with this kind of multi-media device. Normally I click escape and let well enough alone; this time I clicked on open in folder, do always (for both drives that had stuff on them). I then proceded to copy over the new pixs from the week past. I left the room. When I came back there was a copy message error that I didn't read and clicked okay. I tried to access the drive. I couldn't. I reboted my laptop. Nothing. I cycled on and off the HD. Nothing. I examined the window control pannel info nothing. I could see the drive but not the data nor gain access to it.

I do not want to loose the data on this disk! I have nearly 40 Gigs of pictures I've taken in the last 2 years. Now some of the images are less then good, everything I look at I see as postive learning images. Many of these images I have taken for friends who will occassionally ask for additional copies.

If you want to see the specs of the error please contact me with resources I can use.


opt for alternate back up plans...
like DVDs & CDs

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Anonymous said...

i found a place last year called Gillware on the internet that recovered all of my info off of my broken hard drive, all my stuff fit onto 4 DVDs. the price was good, too, since i'm a student. i would highly recommend them again!