Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the hidden life of ryck

It's not exactly hidden, the last time I wrote using my PDA I came close to
driving a hammer through it. Imagine writing the graffiti only not to
interpt what is written, easily solved by shaking the broken pieces out of
it. As with most of my stuff my PDA is valued by use not by value of cash.
Today, I settled a debt. My car's transmission went funky, needing to be
replaced, I took the shop keeper's cash. Value by kelly's blue book for a 95
prism: $0.00. The shop keeper is a proff of automechanics at SLCC. He'll
rebuild -aka have a student rebuild- the tranny then let his 'daughter' have
the car. Mechanically, to me, the car is in good shape. All the maintance
records were kept, including gas logs; I did get tired of logging oil use.
What's that use? Simple history of known problems or visual to predict
I wish I could make use of my nerves. On Friday, I'll toss my last package.
Yeah!!! Uh, wait. My last package? I'll be un-employed as my UPS id card is
turned in. Yes, this is sending me to sleepless nights. I see 7, 8, and 9 on
my early wake me up machine. This is not my schedule. It's the unknown and
bad experience of temp work that causes wide eyes at night.
The job I am taking is flip flopping my comfort zone. Not to many people can
be comfortable with waking at 2am, I am knowing the work is solid and the
pay is good. Comfortable, too, with knowing I can do physical labor.
Learning the UPS system is easy. The hardest thing about my job was not
letting myself get in the supervisor's face. Union protection is great. No,
I actually seldom get into anyone's face. I hold to my saying, 'I am the
stick in the mud; you will become stuck trying to move me.'

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