Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Focus - I need to focus. It's a mater of task at this point. I just laid
down my signature on a $big loan - a car loan. I've looked since my prism
died near two months ago. The decision is not easy. Ed & Cg helped along
with the focus on my goals. My life style also plays a part as I want to
transport self, toys, and others around while not sacrificing economy. While
I did not get a truck or a wagon, I did get something that will get me
around for more then a couple of years. So I did bite it with the off the
lot deprecation. Considering the price for used with 30,000 miles is $11G
I'll take the immediate loss knowing all of my family's vehicles have
successfully navigated 100& more miles. I do need to focus for it's not
sticker shock that's got me, nor the fact that this vehicle is still ford's
for the next few years, for me it's the unsteady feeling of the what if's
that hold me in the state of stress.
The state that I weighed myself to includes economy, fuel consumption, toy
totin', practical expandablity, and coolness. Okay what does that mean? Uh,
I'd like to be able to live economically, enjoy the activities I partake in,
and be attractive to the girls while not atttractive to thieves. I just
added that one after talking to my neighbor who had his car
(proffessionally) hotwired. It's weird.
The vehicle chosen is the Ford Focus. Why? The initial stigma of the Focus
is cheap, poor quality, and problematic. I'll agree. The early Focus' were.
Since the early teething problems the Focus has risen in the ranks of
quality, durablity, and reliablity. Depends on who is reporting will say
other wise.

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