Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Day 6, Crater Lake

Up at 5.30 out by 6.15 and an hour break at the seasonal (creek) before Honeymoon Creek then a long stretch of 7 odd miles through forest.  There was a long story of burn with new growth as well.

Mile 1896, stopped at Jack's Spring for a while. The heat is building for the day.   My back is soaked.  I carry 3 1/2 ltr of water, drank 1 for break and have the rest for 12 miles to the highway.

The fellas are talking of getting their resupply and showers.  I excited for doing back to back 20 plus (miles) a day.  I'm feeling good except for a few new chaff spots.  The feet no longer hurt but, the shoes are showing wear early. I've crushed the heels on both pair.

I'm hurting as I climb up this hill into CL like the Boy Scouts I passed earlier.  The leaders seemed to enjoy the time almost having fun as the boys go through this trip like a right of passage.  Honestly, these leaders are not smart to drag kids, kids!, up a dry trail.  They were waterless for 12 miles and some of the kids were hurting 6 to 8 miles in.  If this is a right of passage for this group then it's stupid stupid.

 I'm stopped for a sports drink to replenish the salts I'm loosing, PCT mile 1809.9.  After this I gained a new step which helped me for the rest of the day.  When I saw the Posey, I passed after a quick chat.  They'd catch up and pass until their next long break.

One of the ridges smoke blew over.  There is a fire up off trail that blew in.  I know that there is a fire up by Jefferson Wilderness.  I found out later there is another much closer.

When I got into the Village around, 4 I sat.  I sat hurting.  I later viewed my back, it's rubbed raw.  Time to take a break to let it heal and find out how I can avoid this rubbing.  I got my triad and sat.  Eventually, I  finished. Other hikers some I've met on trail others elsewhere and some fresh gathered in the sun around three picnic tables talking and talking with others he who came to get water.  The water faucets in general are shut off in the campsites.

Hiked to hiker camp, found the Posey and set up next to them.  Dancer is with us.  She's a new be learning the trade.

Getting into Crater Lake is flat with mosquitoes.  Everyone is complaining yet, these guys have yet to see bad.  Rights of passage? How about summer camp at Camp Steiner in the Uinta's and the holds of mosquitoes?  Okay someone may say that's cruel.

Looking at my pack it's soaked with salt.  I found out why my quilt was wet last night, it's on my back dripping wet and soaking through.  Next time I load up, I'll use my bag liner.

I just found the PCT is closed on the Rim Trail.  Also the trail above Big Lake is closed.

I think I'm rambling at this point.
Last note, got my clothes hanging on my tent to dry, yeah, hiker trash right here...

Hike On, Hike wise.

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