Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 24, PCT Days

Sounds of people chatting late into the night gave way to trains running goods along the shores.  This region always a hub of goods transportation according to the historical sign marker next to the defunct locks.  Freeway traffic a constant hum past this small town.

I awake to a red glow in the morning the Klymit pad I got yesterday did not with stand my tossing and turning.  I lost it sometime in the night.  For Sale once used Klymit Inertia X Lite.  It's great for back sleeepers.

I hung out in the vendor area for most the day.  For a while I took refuge beyond at the small boat marina.  I went over to check out the beach to see if I was tied a swim.  Nope, a little rocky with a chance of small racer sailboats.  A regatta also took place this weekend.

I found a spot shaded from the wind to make a few calls.  I contacted my folks and an old friend from SLC who lives in the greater Portland area.  I've got a place to stay for a few days, Thankyou!  I also called Amtrak.  I can change my ticket home.  Choices, thankfully i-84 is right here and goes straight to Ogden.

On my way around again, Apollo (AT 2014 trail family) yelled out my name. Starbuck sported a youngster in her hip.  Dang, trail family, love 'em.  We chatted a while.  They moved from the LA area up to the Vancouver area a year ago.

I saw a super tiny shelter this morning. Literally, this thing looked like a tube of bug netting with a top of cuben fiber topoing.    I asked about it. Out pops John Plantee himself.  This guy makes his own ultralight packs.  He posts on Instagram and a batch will sell out in minutes.  This tent, err, minimalist shelter sets up with one pole, take the tip out as the foot and the top sections make the head.  Sweet, at 10 oz overall.  I ponder if I coukd create my own.

The rest of today is about hanging out.  Found the Posey and chilled a while. 

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