Sunday, August 06, 2017

Day 11

Started off a Summit Lake, took a detour to Crater Butte which connected the Oregon Skyline Trail (OST).  I chose this as to avoid a lot of up hill, have access to more water, most importantly, avoid a 2 mile road walk.  The route I took gave me a few views of Diamond Peak.

I got into Shelter Cove around 12.30, hit the kitchen for the Hiker Special of bbq chicken sandwich and fries.  I looked for my triad however, not hungry for it today.  I think I ate all of 2 candy bars this morning.  The mosquitoes came in waves.  I could handle the waves as this morning I slathered the lather of non-DEET bug cream.  I also pulled out the head net I've carried for years and used only once.  Today the head net got more than its share of use.

Looking at my stride and the wear on my shoes, both are crushed on the instep, after 3,000 miles of backpacking, I think I'm flat-footed.  Flat-footed would say a lot on why I tire early, hurts with more stride, and gives way to early blisters in most shoes I have.  I'm in the woods without a clinic near by so what I view here is just an observation.

I have no dominant hip crest and my butt, small, which adds to the wear and tear on sides.  I'm sitting at Shelter Cove thinking what can I lighten my load with today.  I'm eating less than a pound of food a day, making higher miles than planned, so food will be on the table, err, in the hiker box.  I haven't cowboy camped so I'm tossing in my sheet of tyvek yet, this protects the shelter's bottom.  It may stay.  I'm thinking a few miscellaneous items as well from the orange bag. Yet, what would actually lighten the load? Choices.

Choices, I'm looking a head on the hike plan.  The PCT is closed from just north of BLYC to below Olallie Lake due to a growing fire in the Jefferson Park Wilderness.  I just heard a fire got going at Detroit Lake's region.  No word on when that fire will close the PCT.  I am looking at a variety of options from getting a shuttle around to getting off trail.  Getting off trail would be better job wise and I can pick up the northern half of Oregon another time.  Going around would be nice as it'll keep me in Oregon for the solar eclipse.  Choices.  I could go to Washington for a leg up there or dip into California from Ashland, going into Siad Valley.  Arugh, contingency plans.

I may zero here tomorrow, I haven't decided.  I will head up to BLYC with what ever I decide.

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