Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 20, Mt Hood

I guess for this trip anything under 20 is a nero.  I hit a whopping 17.2 into Timberline Lodge.  What an incredible place.  The hike in had 3 bumps and the last one topped with sand.  The view up here is incredible.  The lodge doesn't mind that were are 1/4 mile from their $200 per night rooms.  I made good time today without worry.  Listened to a variety of music.  Got to hiker camp, dropped my pack, set the tent to dry with my quilt inside.  Then went to the Lodge to hang with hiker friends.  Talk about a class of classes up here.   There is the skier/snowboarder, the tourist, the weekender, and then us the smelly ones long distance hikers.  Ah refreshing.  I writing quickly as it is getting chilly, I just have my light puffy on and the legs to my zips.  Tomorrow, I'll hit the breakfast buffet then hit a 20.  No many camp sites near by and a good chunk of tomorrow is down hill with several spots for water.  With it being chilly, I'm not sweating much so the water carry is less.of a concern.  I do want to hit PCT Days this weekend.

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