Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 13, 2nd marathon

I got up and moved before 7pm. Dori moved out with me.  I lost her at the PCT junction.  I caught up to Tripod just after that.  The Forest melted under foot.  Around noon thirty I came upon Give a Hoot around my mile 12.  From then I kept up with him through reforest burnt areas full of colour.  We came up to several of the old embossed PCT signs rusting in the trees.

We came up to Irish Lake which did not make the swimming grade and held annoying amounts of mosquitoes.  We moved on to the next lake, Braham Lake at PCT mile 1930.7.

Smoke from the fires of Oregon decorate the air this evening.  A little haze and a little scent.  The sky dances with colour now.

The thing with big miles, my brain goes mush for writing.  I have 4, minus 1, days worth of food with me.  I want to hit Lava Camp in three days so I can go through the lava fields early.

Hike on, Hike wise..

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