Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Day 5, the downs

12 1/2 mile water carry to Christi's Spring.  A bit up hill and a few back looks of Mt McLaughlin with snow on the NE side.  The hike into the spring felt very home like with the downs that we had to duck, dive, and drive around.  Theses downs reminded me of the Uinta's without the horse manure.  Most downs had trails around em.  Still slowing the speed.

The the day began with a 3 mile detour.  I thought why not hitch two miles to the trailhead.  However the highway is a mile away, the other way.  So I turned around and went back up the side trail to Fish Lake as all I saw pass by was business vehicles.

The trail is definitely sweet to move on.  Today I'm keeping pace with the Posey. But more than likely I'll fall behind as they have bigger miles to hit.  I'm debating the detour to Stuart Falls yet it has a 1000 foot climate out.

I'm at a stream and camp site,  PCT mile 1796.8 on the north side of Davis Peak.  A fire burns in the distance.  No word on the radio about it.  The weather forecast is still hot with warnings.  The sunsets into the red sky fading.

I kept up with the Posey all day.  At this site I called it for myself.  My mileage, an all time high of 29.8 which includes a three mile detour/hike out of Fish Lake this morning.  Mosquitoes are homing in on us.

The trail today rose onto some ridges and through some burn areas.   Devil's Slide Area step, rocky, menacing and highly entertaining with beauty and views.

I'm tired.  Wrecked is more like it.  I planned on 3 or 4 days to do this section.  I'm doing it I 2 as the miles are easy and the water carry, long.  I'm avoiding Stuart Falls this round as I don't want the long climb up.

Gota fetch the repellent out of the pack for tomorro.  I'm also thing about ending gear that is not needed home like my bear bag cord, I have yet to see a tree that bagging would work well with.  My extra food is going to the hike box.  It's one way to give to the trail.

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