Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 14, just moving

I'm at Horseshoe Lake taking a break for water and to rest my feet a few.  It's just after 10 am.  I've come 9 miles since 7 am.  I smell fresh smoke in the air.  The weather frequencies aren't giving any info on the fires in this region.  I'm hoping to catch something on FM radio later. The terrain this morning seems flat with bumps.  Lots of pond like lakes.  Not much is on my mind other than making miles, I want to go another 11 or 12 today.

I've seen quite a few of the old steel diamond embossed PCT markers today.  Many are rusted and being consumed by the trees they were nailed to decades ago.  Typically the ones on the north side of a tree are in better shape.

I just had a skunk cross the trail near by.  I wonder who stinks more, me or the skunk?

1.30 at PCT mile 1948.  I found a nice cold stream to sit at for a bit.  In the next 8 miles I have a 1000nft climb which will come over a 2 mile segment.  This water is refreshing me for that climb.

I haven't smelt smoke for a long time.  The sky is blue with a few clouds above.  The trees, ponds, and trail bits are fading into one blur.  I hike alone today.  One blister morphed into an irritating callus.  The hips are cleaned up, now.

I kept going.  The 1,000 foot climb was a bear.  There wasn't much of a view with the smokey haze.  I got down to Sister's Mirror Lake and saw one camp site which was occupied by a Scout troop.

I pushed on.  Up another rise, but 200 feet, I came I to a Lamar Valley like place, wide and open.  On one side the first Sister dominated the landscape with a devilish rocky slope of lava.

I pushed on.  I came to my first water in a while that was not a lake or pond.  I set down here at PCT mile 1959.6 a flowing seasonal stream with bugs.

I needed the rest. Even before fetching water I set my tent to fend off the bugs, tossing in the pack.

I think I'll be alone t his site tonight but, who knows.  The detour to Elk Lake drew many according to the SoBo's.

I made hot licorice tea to supplement my supper of cold soak sweet and sour mountain house.

Today's mileage: I began alone 1931 and finished at 1959.6, so just under 29 miles.  Not bad since I wasn't keeping up with anyone.  Tired and sore yes, tomorrow should be short across the Obsidian preservation area and into Lava Camp at PCT mile 1980, 20 miles.

The creek babbles, the mosquitoes hum, hum, I hope I snore.

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