Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 18, fire detour

The sound of deer crunching along in the woods behind gave way to a drizzly rain on the brush.  I'd chosen to close the tent doors due to blowing black sand which, despite the screen being closed, coated most everything.  I tossed restlessly.  The tent to tent conversation with Bones lasted until 9pm the night before.  Bones had traveled with Dori and Tripod for quite some time earlier.

I woke to more rain and a bit of condensation before 6.30.  I got up anyways.  Breakfast is at 8.15 so the staff can move the campers out today.  Several hikers occupied sections of the trail and the tiniest bits of flat possible out towards hiker camp beach cove.  At the hiker shack, more new arrivals including Tripod for breakfast.  I didn't stay long after 9.15 as someone relayed to me that Mavrick would soon be on his way and I needed to get to Santium Pass.

I made 4 miles, the short route out of BLYC, in 1 1/2 hours.  Now I wait looking for his black rental car which will reek of hiker when he turns it in.  He's running g some hikers around while he also enjoys the last of his summer break before school begins.  In my waiting I got to talk with a few others going both ways into Sister's and around the fire.  A forest crew checked on the trailhead I stood near.

While I hustled, Mavrick encountered vehicle issues.  I had a wrong number for him so we were out of touch.  After waiting near 2 hours, I threw out my thumb, waited for 1/2 hour with a mix of walking I got a short ride to the next hignway junction where my ride turned the other way.  I waited/walked on.  More vehicles passed then I could count and no ride.

The lifts I've encountered have been in vehicles that may not pass the cleanliness of many.  Then a brand new Soul pulled over.  Inside the very apologetic Mavrick with a spot for one left in his ride, he had two other hikers. 

I'm not miffed, I just got impatient and miffed at myself for not confirming numbers.  I'd walked, hitched maybe 5 miles before reconnecting.

As we glide along the forest zips a narrow road to Olallie Lake.  Dense under brush and cool trees, the clouds hang low today.

PCT mile 2046, Jude Lake, I chose to hike out of Olallie as I got there.  I thanked Mavrick and the others who were with him.  Also arriving were JC and his wife along with another couple.  That whole group chose to stay.  For some reason I wanted away from roads and vehicles.  The 4 trail miles slipped by.  I'm camped next to my 3rd Father Daughter combo of this hike.  Keep it up Dads.  She's just a dusted of high school boarding school and wanted to spend time with him before college.

My tentative plan is to get to the Lodge on Mount Hood in time for the breakfast buffet.  Ideally, the night before.  Mt Hood isn't but now 47 miles a head two 20 plus and I'm golden and eating phatt.

Seems cold tonight yet no clouds may be cold but so what I don't have to deal.with that darn black sand blowing.

Hike on Hike wise 

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