Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 19, breaking 30

PCT mile 2054.6 I sit at the edge of logging territory with a view of Three Finger Jack, the mountain. I scooted around yesterday.  The mountain is awesome, the clear cut forest is nit.  I keep thinking can I clear a 30 miler today?  The terrain looks possible.  Why?  I've come close I the past on this hike but haven't broken that barrier yet.  However as I look at today, Timothy Lake will give me a campsite and water.  Beyond that, nothing, so another 25 plus.  Still good for Mt Hood. 

Woke up to a humid tent and chilly morning.  It's nice that it's chilly, less water is needed.  For a moment I take 2nd breakfast and a packet of drink mix, unknown flavor.  A SoBo just passed moving as if he were made for it.

I play tag with Sasquatch.  Every forest twig snap I look and no Sasquatch.  I keep moving.  I make up games to keep from getting bored with looking a trees, rock, and trails.  If anyone asks what did I see on vacation the short answer is, 'I saw a lot of trees.'  Views are hard to come by.  I am fascinated by how the forest grows.  I see downs becoming life again with old tree stumps supporting a micro forest of life.

PCT mile 2062, Warm Springs  River, I've stopped for lunch and water.  I'm airing out my feet and debated about soaking them but decided not to as the bridge is a log with a hand rail.  Miles are melting fast.  I chose to listen to Petra's 40th Anniversary album.

When I bounce from here, I've got a 600 ft up hill over 2 miles.  From there down hill (ish), nothing is truly down hill, and as far as I want to go for the day.  A fair amount of water lay ahead until the base of Mt Hood.

At the horse camp PCT mile 2072, there is a hiker feed aka trail magic.  I stopped and ate a couple of hotdogs.  A few hikers are in as well, a few I knew a few I did not.

The miles continued to be easy.  I looked for a camp along Timothy Lake however I just saw weekenders at all sites.  I moved on realizing breaking 30 miles was in reach.

After 2076.6 I looked for a place and saw two tents, Pit Stop and Noodle.  Yeah, I caught friends.  We are literally in the deep woods of Mt Hood.  We compare teas,  close call, we carry a random variety.

Night sets in.  I turn to the other journal.  I hope I can write in the dark.  PS I never dried my tent from this morning's condensation.  Yeah, wet tet.

Hike on.  Hike Wise 

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