Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 16, summer camp

A spitting of rain last night and gone in the morning at crows kaw.  I caught Double D and Give a Hoot at the Observatory on 242.  This observatory is worth driving to if in the area as it sights all the mountains in the area.

We hiked up over Little Belknap Mountain where I took a break and they moved on.  I'd catch them again later on Mt Washington.  The lava fields were warm from the day before, not fun.  I'm getting tired of hiking through burnt forest on lava beds or lava rock.  The tread is a bit sandy.

Had the forest on Mt Washington not burned a few years back, there would not be any views.  We got to the trail split into Big Lake Youth Camp before 11.30 and made it in by lunch easily.  We checked in at the office, following the blue signs.  Lunch, veggie wraps and all the juice one could drink.  We sat outside with some of the staff.  Lunch wasn't calorie dense, it was nutrious.

Inside the hall, other staff busted, serving the teens.  There are about 100 teens at this 7th Day Adventist facility.  I heard speed boats dragging tubes, group activities of different kinds happening, and other things going on.

The hiker camp is about 1/4 mile out on the beach.  They do have good food, good facilities, and a nice hiker hut under construction.  Give a Hoot is cleaning out hi he hiker box again.  I haven't dumped my food in there yet.  I'll do so tomorrow.  I weep knowing I'm putting 5 days of food in there.  I arrived here with 3 days and arrived little.

Why did I plan 15's and not 20's?  Honestly I did not know how easy Oregon was to hike.  I've had days of 25 and low of 12.  12's are nice nero days, like today.  I can clean up, rest up, and chill with others.  If I get back into 15's I'll make Cascade Locks in a week and in time for PCT Days.  PCT Days is not like Trail Days of the AT, everyone says it's mellow and chill, low stress.

Thunder rips open above, no rain, not hot not warm, somewhere inbetween.

I'll send this now since dinner is soon and I'll head to beach camp shortly after.

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