Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trail Family

After making my fill at the AYCE Chinese buffet in Waynesboro, VA, I headed for the door half in a food coma, half with hiker hobble.  To my surprise Kim and Lisa were at a table just out of sight of where I was at.  These gals I'd hiked on and off with for over three weeks and hadn't seen them in over two.  Kim told me they were but half a day behind at one point.  With this recent rain they had to get to town or go crazy.

At another location in town I reconnected with the Maine Sisters.  I pulled big miles to get here and knew they were only hours behind.  A fellow called Tumbles camped out at the park.  Every so often I either catch up or get caught by those I hike with on or off for several days to several weeks.  I'm waiting now for Jim and his dad, Roger, to tell them of my biscuit making experience.  Now where's the Wiskey Crew?

With my fellow hikers I like to call them trail family.  The shared trail, the trial by step, the rain, the heat, the pain of...  all brings about a common bond of hiking.  The folks I've mentioned are only a few if the hikers I've met and look forward to reconnecting with.

If we've hiked together on the AT please drop me a note.  I've got many an email but not connected with.  I can be found on FB as B K Jaworski if you want to contact me there or tag me in any number of photos (Thanks JD for the Trail Days pics.  Where are you now?)

Here's a photo of myself and Naturally Hobs, a habitual longs distance traveler.  We are at McAfee's Nob before the storm blew in.

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